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From the Archives 58: Mark Lane, Rush to Judgment (1967)

On November 29, 1963, President Lyndon B. Johnson created the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, or the "Warren Commission," to investigate the November 22, 1963 assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy. The Commission presented its final report to the President on September 24, 1964, and released it to the public on September 27.

Many people were unsatisfied with the Warren Commission's conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy, acting alone. In 1966, American lawyer Mark Lane published the book "Rush to Judgment: A Critique of the Warren Commission's Inquiry into the Murders of President John F. Kennedy, Officer J.D. Tippit and Lee Harvey Oswald." Essentially, Lane argued that people other than Oswald participated in the assassination. The book was commercially successful, spending 29 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list.

In 1967, Mark Lane released this LP, titled "Rush to Judgment, with new insights on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy." It consists of Lane explaining his criticism of the Warren Commission's conclusions, with audience reactions. Here is the tracklist:

Part One: Introduction; The "Single Bullet" Theory, Including Two Lately-Discovered Medical Items, And The Commisssion's Inability To Examine All Revelant Data And Witnesses; The Zapruder Film

Part Two: Behaviour Of The FBI; Commission Zeal In Gathering Evidence; "Precisely Simulated" Re-Ennactment Of Shooting; Photographs Cropped, Suppressed, Doctored: Testimony Of Maj. Gen. Walker

FWIW I kinda love that there are a few skips in the LP. What did I cut out in order to fool my listeners?