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Health and Wellness Update - 34 pounds gone!

Today's Podcast is all about my Wellness Journey for the past 30 days while I've been doing the Optavia30 Weight Loss program. I am thrilled to have not only broken my six-month plateau, but to have blown it out of the water with an amazing 11 pound weight loss!! So happy to be here and I'm going to keep going!Listen to my review of the program, including positives, challenges, favorite foods and a fantastic victory moment, all shared in today's podcast. ENJOY!--Have a great day!~JS~ 🌞#Wellness ...

My Seven Day Social Media Fast - IDP010

Tue Jun 12 2018 (30:41)

What I Learned when I Turned Off the Chatter for a Week

It was an interesting week and I learned some valuable insights. Enjoy the podcast! If you're more of a reading-type, a transcript of this podcast will be posted later today!For more optimism and insight for your everyday living, visit!

How imperfect best efforts yield results over time

Today's podcast ended up being a huge boost to my day as I considered the long-range effects of random best efforts, consistently applied over time. If you're frustrated with the daily "drudge" of parenting and feel like your efforts aren't making any difference, this message is for you!Shownotes and Links:Here's the podcast I was listening to this morning that sparked today's thoughts about random intentionality (such a fun concept!):"A Slob Comes Clean 014 Husbands and Decluttering Podcast" ht ...

Mini-Workshop Guided Brainstorming Session

Join me for a guided brainstorming session to discover what one thing you could do to make a huge impact on your life starting now! ~JS~ 🌞 #MotivationMonday--Music Credit: CaelibyKai EngelSongs played in podcast: daedalus, modum and periculum

Are you a child of the Seventies? Let's reminisce!

References and Links:Halle Brothers, ClevelandFox Valley, IllinoisEvolution of the KeyboardThe Loop - Downtown ChicagoMarshall Field and Company Building, Chicago1971 -Ray Tomlinsondevelops the first program that can sendemailmessages, via the Arpanet, between people using different computers. (FromTimeline of Computing 1950 to 1979)Speak and Spell ToySpeak and Spell!! Did any of you have one?Photo Credit:CC BY-SA 4.0Microwave Ovens1971 - Sears begins selling Kenmore microwave ovens.Image Credit ...

No matter what life throws at you, Decide to Shine!

Are you dealing with chronic illness? I hear you. I have been there myself. I still have issues that I'm dealing with, but thank goodness I have found some relief in remission for the past several years. But if I could go back and give myself something to latch onto and to hope for, I would tell myself the following:Hang on! No matter how hopeless and frustrating things may feel, please trust that things will get better. But don't just wait for that day. Do the best you can today, this hour, thi ...

Changing the Dialog Surrounding Technology's Effect on our Lives

On today's podcast, I talked about feeling grateful for the technology in our lives and how it's helped shape the world around us. I really want to reach out to those of you who maybe have grown up with technology around you, or have seen it come into play as you were already an adult, and you've seen the rise of technology. Maybe some of you are pretty excited by technology, and just love the things that it can do in your life. Maybe some of you are a little bit intimidated about technology or ...

Perfect Pitch vs Relative Pitch IDP004

Tue May 01 2018 (11:11)

This Five-Year-Old's Head is a Piece of Music Technology!

Today is #TechTuesday so it's time to post something fun about technology and how it helps us in our lives. But as I was trying to think of something to post, I was having another one of those not very motivated days, just like I had yesterday. Do you ever feel like that? You're just like, "Ugh, I cannot get motivated!" and other times you're just rippin' and rearin' and ready to go?What I do when I get in that situation is I kind of force myself to do a little routine. For example, I will let m ...

Motivating yourself when you don't feel like it. :)

"Darkness reduces our ability to see clearly. It dims our vision of that which was at one time plain and clear. When we are in darkness, we are more likely to make poor choices because we cannot see dangers in our path. When we are in darkness, we are more likely to lose hope because we cannot see the peace and joy that await us if we just keep pressing forward." - D.F. UchtdorfI took this picture from my front porch last May.The ordinary daily world is full of beautiful LIGHT!Let's spread light ...

Travel Tips and Recommended Places to Visit

Places to Visit in Wyoming:Thermopolis, WY:Hot Springs Wyoming, nicest people ever!Taco Barn - Mammoth - Origins - Sleep, Wyoming -,_Wyoming/Elk Horn Mountains Canyon -, WyomingSheridan County Fulmer Library http://www.sheridanwyolibrar ...

Recognizing Tuning Fork Moments to Find Your Life's Purpose

Hey everybody, Happy #StrategySaturday! I wanted to just share with you what I found for today's post when I was searching the hashtag #StrategySaturday on Twitter this morning. I found this quote and picture that was posted by Michael Simons (Twitter hashtag @AsBoldAsCaleb) who I just found today on accident by clicking #StrategySaturday as a hashtag. Read this quote, it's really interesting.It says, "In pursuit of your dream, making money isn't to be the end-all. Wealth is not about having a l ...

Here's the Plan!

It's time to get started! This episode is my first official recording and outlines some of what I'd like to accomplish in this podcast. I am planning to put show notes here as well, but for now I don't have those done, and I know that if I wait to get them completed, I'll never get this posted! So here's the short version for now. Let's get this show on the road!!~JS~