SIX with journalist Adelle Platon

Mon Dec 03 2018 (47:48)

Growing up a by-product of the true immigrant experience prepares you for a life of hard work. It is inevitable that watching the fruits of steady, daily labor would shape you into a machine for productivity. Adelle is the ultimate example of what many immigrant parents hope for their children after moving to this country. The definition of a H U S T L E R, we met years ago while speaking on an ethnic women in journalism panel at a local college. Watching her blossom from VIBE editorial, to breaking mainstream at Billboard, hosting her own series Side Hustle, as well as interviewing your favorite rappers on Tidal...she's been busy.

In addition to her music journalism work, she co-founded HER SWEAT which shines a light on body positivity and women who are working on feeling their best through exercise. We all need a little push and inspiration to keep moving our bodies forward. The ultimate go-getter with heart, she's made some time to speak with LADY ISH about her journey and what has inspired her to keep pushing her career in different directions. She has recently decided to move to LA (we all make the journey out there at some point) starting a role at one of the world's biggest and most influential media companies, Netflix.

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