Le Wagon Live

Every week, Le Wagon invites a tech entrepreneur to share their story.


Episode #12: Minh-Anh Pham & William Walcker, founders at Naak

"If you’re not ashamed to launch your product, it’s because you launched it too late"

Episode #11: Talk with Scott Simpkin, Senior Campaigns Associate at Seedrs

"What crowdfunding does is allow you to accept money from anyone, for as little as 10 pounds. It's just a way of helping the business that doesn't have a rich uncle"

Episode #10: Talk with Alice Bentinck, co-founder at Entrepreneur First

"There is no good time. The most important thing is to get started because once you get started, you begin learning. So if you are thinking about founding a startup, just do it."

Episode #9: Talk with Patrick Gagné, Partner & CPO at Taxelco / Téo Taxi

"You can have a good financing, you can have momentum but if the timing isn’t there you’re gonna have a hard time"

Episode #8: Talk with Jeff Lynn, co-founder at Seedrs

"I definitely orient myself a little bit more toward, you know: don’t think too much about the consequences. Try it and see where it lands you."

Episode #7: Talk with Marc-Antoine Ducas, CEO & founder, Netlift

"At the end of the day you focus on a problem you hate and you wanna solve. And you find the right method: sometimes it’s about raising money, sometimes it’s about organizing the team. It doesn’t matter. It’s really about how I’m gonna solve this thing, and you get at it."

Episode #6: Talk with Nick Johnson, software engineer at Ethereum Foundation

"I think something like it is going to be an important part of the next generation of the internet"