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Episode 27: Exposing the fraudulent research that sparked the sexual revolution

Season 1, Ep. 27

In this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon Van Maren speaks with Dr. Judith Reisman, a research professor at Liberty University School of Law and Director of the Child Protection Institute. Dr. Reisman is a giant in the science and sexology community with many accolades and accomplishments. Today, he speaks with Reisman about her pioneering work in exposing the fraudulent sex ‘research’ work of Dr. Alfred Kinsey. For those unfamiliar, Dr. Kinsley’s science played a role in bringing the sexual revolution to America, in modern LGBT laws, inflated LGBT propaganda statistics, and in a way responsible for the overall acceptance of the LGBT movement. You can read more about Dr. Kinsey by searching for him in the search bar. 

Dr. Reisman got into this work in an effort to gain understanding after her own daughter was sexually abused by the boy upstairs. In her journey, she dove into Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s research and discovered the great fallacies actually being sold in it. She describes how Kinsey’s books essentially normalized deviant sexual behavior and led to the sexual revolution as we know it. The political power behind Kinsey included The Rockefeller Foundation and Playboy magazine, which owed its success to Kinsey. Reisman also discusses Kinsey’s own personal sexual deviance, includine pedophelia, a pornography and mastubation addiction, homosexuality, and so much more.

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