58. Ofa Fotu - The revolution cannot happen without childcare

Wed Sep 27 2017 (01:04:18)

Sofie talks to Australian artist Ofa Fotu (aka Odette Mercy) about being part of the cast of Hot Brown Honey, hip-hop feminism, women of colour in theatre, activism and self-care, douchebag presenters, reclaiming negative spaces, performing for children and the importance of diversity in audiences.

Works mentioned in this episode:

Hot Brown Honey

Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics

Polytoxic Loves You

Black Honey Company

Lilith: The Jungle Girl

Hope One: Beatboxer

Crystal Stacey: Circus Artist

Briefs – Brief Encounters

Briefs Factory - Sweatshop

Artwork by Linda Brinkhaus

Jingle by Bailey Lenart

Produced by Sarah Garvey

A huge thanks to Phoenix Artist Club in London for letting me record my podcast and do my shows with them. Special thanks to Peter Dunbar.


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