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An Actual-Play, 5e Dungeons and Dragons Adventure!

Welcome to Make-Believe Heroes: an actual-play, 5th Edition Dungeon and Dragons Adventure! Join our players every Monday as they set out for adventure in the homebrew world of Manumi.
Latest Episode2019-1-21

The Secrets of Silvondale

Welcome back to Make-Believe Heroes!

This week, our adventurers enjoy themselves for a few hours at a luxurious party in Silvondale. While they eat, drink, and dance, they begin to wonder why there seems to only be humans in this place, the members of their party being the only exceptions. Soon, the Master of Silvondale will be coming to speak with them. Who is this mysterious figure, and what is their interest in our make-believe heroes?

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The Secrets of Silvondale


Born in Bread


The Shrubs are Alive!


Happy New Year!

S2 Bonus

Christmas Special! - A Carol for Candlebells

S2 Christmas Special

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