Disney Video Games w/ Hunter Hall - Episode 40

Wed Jul 04 2018 (01:28:59)

On this episode of Married with Mouse Ears, Michael & Zara are joined by Hunter Hall to talk all about the different Disney video games they have played throughout their lives.

(3:30) Episode Shoutout: Katylin Johnson AKA Stand Out Katylin

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Episode Moments:

  • (13:30) Toontown - talking about how many hours we have spent on the computer throwing gags and trying to defeat the cogs.
  • (20:30) Disney Infinity - talking about how much money we invested in collecting different characters, the genius of the open world, and how we wish it would make a comeback.
  • (29:00) Epic Mickey - Hunter discusses one of his favorite Disney console games
  • (34:30) Disney Heroes - Michael talks about his newest Disney iPhone game obsession
  • (38:30) Disney Magic Kingdom - Zara and Michael talk about this iPhone game that involves creating your own Magic Kingdom park and using classic Disney characters to defeat villains.
  • (43:00) TsumTsums - Zara and Michael discuss the deep seasons of their third Disney iPhone game obsession
  • (53:00) - Play Disney Parks - the new Disney app that you can play games on your phone in the parks to earn fun prizes and digital collectibles.

(1:02:30) Marriage Moment: Seeing the Lion King Musical in Dallas and Incredibles 2 movie review!

(1:11:30) Zero to Hero:

Zara: Book - The Taster

Michael: Movie - Won't You Be My Neighbor?