Hong Kong Disneyland & The Last Jedi Review w/ Nathan Agnew - Episode 18

Sat Dec 23 2017 (01:20:51)

On this episode of Married w/ Mouse Ears, Michael & Zara are joined by Nathan Agnew to discuss his trip to Hong Kong Disneyland (2:00) and also give all of their thoughts and opinions on the newest Star Wars movie - The Last Jedi (24:30).

In the summer of 2016, Nathan went to Hong Kong for a 3 month internship and was able to visit Hong Kong Disneyland while he was overseas. He talks about the differences in classic Disney rides like Haunted Mansion and the Jungle Cruise, the delicious and unique food, and differences in the overall Disney magic.

We also talk about our opinions on the Last Jedi, including the best and worst parts of the movie, who the MVP of the movie was, and the definitive ranking of the Last Jedi creatures **cough cough Porgs**