Mt. Rushmore of TV Shows We've Watched Together - Episode 26

Thu Mar 01 2018 (01:23:14)

On this episode of Married with Married Ears, Michael & Zara give the ultimate Top 4 Mt Rushmore ranking of their favorite TV shows that they have watched together. Shows include:

  1. Lost (13:00)
  2. Friday Night Lights (21:30)
  3. Parks & Rec (30:00)
  4. Parenthood (39:00)

We then give lots of honorable mentions to shows we have loved throughout our dating/married life: 24, Prison Break, The Bachelor, Chopped, Ink Master, and MORE!

We then talk about our Marriage Moment and that WE HAVE HAMILTON TICKETS!! (1:05:00)

Our Zero to Hero segment includes: Leftover Valentine's Candy, Annihilation, and Zara's lack of book reading (1:09:00).

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