Wendy Trent Interview: The Life of a Disney Vacation Planner - Episode 34

Fri Apr 27 2018 (01:03:31)

On this episode of Married with Mouse Ears, Michael & Zara talk with Wendy Trent from Yellow Shoe Travel about her life as a Disney Vacation Planner and all the benefits of booking your Disney trips through a Vacation Planner. You can contact Wendy at wendy@yellowshoetravel.com for any questions about planning a Disney vacation!

(1:30) Episode Shoutout: Miranda Hester AKA Magic Band Miranda

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Episode Topics Include:

  • Why Wendy doesn't like Dole Whips (8:00)
  • Why she loves Disney so much (10:00)
  • Free Disney Dining Packages (14:00)
  • Toy Story Land (20:00)
  • Wendy's Disney Favorites (27:30)

(37:00) Marriage Moment: 

  • Battle of Sexes Game Night
  • Watching Love Simon
  • Zara finally saw A Quiet Place!

(46:00) Zero to Hero:

Zara: Trading Spaces | Not Having Enough Time to See Handmaid's Tale Yet

Michael: Middle-earth: Shadow of War | Path Got Cancelled!!