Our First Listener Questions Episode! - Episode 43

Mon Aug 20 2018 (01:18:56)

On this episode of Married with Mouse Ears, Michael & Zara answers lots of questions from listeners of the podcast about trip planning, married life, favorite Disney moments and much more!

(3:00) Episode Shoutout: Jesse AKA @mimamacoco AKA Our Amiga Jesse

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(9:00) Episode Moments: Lots of Listener Questions....

(1:04:00) Marriage Moment: We saw the School of Rock Musical in Dallas! And we saw Christopher Robin finally (it was depressing for the first hour)

(1:08:30) Zero to Hero:


  • Zara - Buying Baby Clothes from Rags and Modern Burlap
  • Michael - TV Show: Sinner


  • Zara - Colton from Bachelor in Paradise
  • Michael - Kevin Spacey only made $126 from his newest movie on Opening Day