May Disney News - Episode 37

Sat May 26 2018 (01:21:18)

On this episode of Married with Mouse Ears, Michael & Zara talk about all of the news that has been coming out of the Disney universe - including 1 Day tickets preloaded with fast passes, new crazy Disney patents with virtual reality, a new signature dining in the Japan pavilion, and more!

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(3:00) Episode Shoutout: Daniel Smith aka @younggun1980 aka Our Friend Across the Pond, Daniel

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(58:30) Marriage Moment: 

  • The movie Tully
  • Rockets tying up the series with the Golden State Warriors

(1:05:30) Zero to Hero:

Zara: Book - Dumplin' | The Royal Wedding

Michael: Documentary - Evil Genius | This Guy Who Got Sued By His Parents