September Disney News - Episode 44

Thu Sep 27 2018 (01:16:55)

On this episode of Married with Mouse Ears, Michael & Zara talk about all of the new things happening in the Disney universe! Including Early Morning Magic Hours at Toy Story Land, new Dance Parties coming to WDW in 2019, a Wreck-It Ralph VR Experience, new food at the parks, and more!

(3:30) Episode Shoutout: VannyLove621 AKA Our Cousin Vanny

Episode Moments: 

  • (7:00) Hyping up our upcoming Disney World trip!!
  • (18:00) Illuminations is going bye!
  • (23:00) New Disney Dance Parties in 2019
  • (30:00) Artist Point is now a Character Dining Location
  • (37:30) New food updates for Food and Wine
  • (42:30) Ziplock has sponsored Splash Mountain
  • (50:00) Updates on the upcoming Disney streaming service

(55:00) Marriage Moment: We took a trip to Houston to see our new nephew Oliver, we took an ALL DAY birthing class, and Michael has abandoned MoviePass and now subscribes to AMC A-List

(59:30) Zero to Hero:


  • Zara - Crazy Rich Asians, the Miniaturist on BBC, Atypical
  • Michael - The Sinner, Better Call Saul, Ozark, Snowfall


  • Zara - Awful house designs
  • Michael - The state of Rap Beefs

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