Solo: A Star Wars Story w/ Nathan Agnew - Episode 38

Mon Jun 18 2018 (01:20:34)

On this episode of Married with Mouse Ears, Michael & Zara talk with Nathan Agnew on the newest Star Wars movie, Solo, and all of their feelings on the overall Star Wars universe.

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(3:00) Episode Shoutout: Caleigh Ellison aka Auntie Caleigh YOU'RE IN THE FAMILY!!

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Episode Topics Include:

  • Feelings going into seeing Solo (12:00)
  • Zara & Michael's experience in the Cinemark D-Box crazy seats!! (16:00)
  • Favorite moments from the movie (20:00)
  • The Darth Maul cameo (40:00)
  • What is going to happen in Star Wars in the future

(1:05:30) Zero to Hero:

Zara: The Bachelorette is back!

Nathan: Benedcit Cumberbatch saves a dude a pulls a real Sherlock Holmes!

Michael: 13 Reasons Why Season 2

(1:07:00) Marriage Moment: - Our Memorial Weekend trip to Kentucky