58: The Handmaid's tale on HULU S2/E9 - "Smart Power"

Wed Jun 13 2018 (01:21:37)

The Handmaid's Tale ventures to the Great White North!

Serena, Fred, and Nick take the Gilead show on the road to try and prove to the world that none of the horrible true things you've heard about them are true....but we all know how things end up with Stupid Fred in charge don't we? Moira, Luke and Erin lead the VERY unwelcoming party to greet the Stupid Fred and the gang and ultimately foil their evil plans as Nick delivers those Mayday letters and Luke finally "takes care" of something (after Erin suggests it). Meanwhile we get to see Serena choose her own adventure from the Denny's children's intenary and decide whether treason and coconuts are better than a life as a terrible gardener with a wortless husband. Crystal, special guest Angie, and Justin are here to break down all the action....and Fred would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling American refugees!