19: Mayday Interviews - Kelsey Hercs - Mine! ComicMix Kickstarter Writer.

Tue Oct 17 2017 (38:47)

Kelsey Hercs joins Mayday to talk about the story she is writing for ComicMix's #Kickstarter Comic Anthology project to benefit Planned Parenthood! She is a writer, actress, and part time burlesque performer and her story centers on the lives of a modern day sex worker and a sex worker from the late 1860's. What's changed since then? What hasn't? What feels like it should have? Plus she tells who her fictional best friend, romantic partner, and arch-enemy would be! We also talk Jane Austen, Plays, Comics, and Art as a vehicle for social change. Visit AllConsumingContent.com for more or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.