10: Let's talk about Episode 10: "Night"

Tue Oct 17 2017 (01:26:30)

Serena F'ing Joy! This episode starts off with a bang...literally...as things between Serena Joy and Offred finally come to blows. Serena has had enough and if Offred is not pregnant it could spell bad things for her time in Gilead. Plus we find out what happens with Janine, which leads to a defiant moment for the Handmaids. We get a showdown between Serena and Fred and no Scrabble board and male ego is safe from the wrath of Serena Joy. Plus....cuz we weren't really sure if she was the most evil of evil people, Serena does the most evil thing that anyone has done so far in this show, and thats saying something! All of this culminates with a step into the dark or..the light. Season 2 cannot get here soon enough!