7: Lets talk about Episode 7: "The Other Side"

Tue Oct 17 2017 (01:06:08)

Oh Luke.....Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke....you noble....stubborn stubborn man. This weeks episode gives us a big dose of flashback, foundation and....Luke! We find out all about the details behind the daring and failed escape attempt that opened the season as we follow Luke on his path to "Little America!" A great episode that shows the fresh residue of the Gilead takeover as it makes its way across the country. Luke's journey finds him rescued by a small group of survivors trying to make their way to a boat that will take them to Canada. Luke does everything in his power to make all the possible wrong decisions about all of the things. Its actually kind of impressive. Join us for one of our more laugh out loud episodes as we wonder aloud what exactly Luke is thinking here.