2: Let's talk about Episode 2: "Birth Day"

Tue Oct 17 2017 (01:02:43)

The Handmaid's Tale Episode 2: "Birth Day"

The more we see of Gilead, its hierarchy and its rituals, the more disturbed we are!

  • OfGlen turns up the pressure on OfFred to join Mayday. 
  • We learn more about OfGlen's story and we see the real risks that come with being part of the resistance.
  • The tension between Nick and June/OfFred is building!
  • We are witness to the bizarre birthing rituals with Janine in labor.
  • We get our first taste of Scrabble with the commander
  • We also learn to never feel too good about how things with The Handmaid's Tale as they build us up only to tear it down with a crushing final reveal.