64: The Handmaid's Tale on HULU S2/E11 - "Holly"

Wed Jun 27 2018 (01:10:11)

The Handmaid's Tale on HULU follows up one of their most intense and violent episodes with something entirely different. In S2/E11 - "Holly" we essentially get a one woman show as Elisabeth Moss absolutely puts one of the best performances of her run on The Handmaid's Tale. As June finds herself in the middle of nowhere, having just seen Hannah and Nick taken away, she steels herself and focuses on the two things she can control. Herself, and the baby. The only break in the Elisabeth Moss show comes in the form of an epic meltdown of a scene with Fred and Serena. It it small but it is mighty! Yvonne Strahovski leaves no doubts as to whether she should be at the top of all the award nomination lists as she somehow manages to plunge us further into the depths of Serena's pit of misery. This is the kind of episode that makes you appreciate everything about this show as HULU and Co. somehow raise the bar yet again.