66: The Handmaid's Tale on HULU S2/E12 - "Postpartum"

Wed Jul 04 2018 (01:32:40)

With two episodes to go in season 2 June once again finds herself in the Waterford house for tour number three. Every relationship is full of moving parts and volatile emotions as we head into the finale with more questions than answers. We finally get the answer to "Who is in the pool!?" as Eden and Isaac play star crossed lovers and end up paying the ultimate price. Meanwhile Serena has what she's always wanted but it may not quite be what she bargained for. We also get our Bradley Whitford sighting as Emily is stationed with Commander Lawrence, the "architect of Gilead's economy" who is.....a bit of a mystery. Bottom line...there is one episode after this and we have ZERO idea as to where it's going.