Melancholy Geek

A podcast with the thoughts and opinions of a Geek living with Depression.

A Geek with Depression? That isn't that uncommon, right? Maybe not, but how many of them have talked about what they love and talk openly about their Depression? Not many, if any. That is what I will do. I will talk abou... More

A Broken Finger before your Mind

Episode 20: Megan Morrone joins me and we talk about her experiences with Anxiety, her thoughts on being a Geek, and New and Future Apple things.

A Tangential Exchange

Episode 19: For World Mental Health day, I bring on not one, but two guests. We talk about their experiences and ways to take away the stigmas. Along with the occasional off topic chat.

Take Control of your Demons

Episode 17: My Guest this time is an expat in the UK. We talk about her reasons for moving and how she found to make the down times work for her instead of against her.

We're Not Crazy, it's Just Mental

Episode 16: Another Guest and we talk about her struggles while surrounded by two dogs and a cat. Also, talk about what makes her a Geek though she wan't even sure about it.

Can't Ctrl-Z in Real Life

Episode 15: Brought a colleague in with a similar story to myself. We discuss her life with Depression and Anxiety, along with her development to the Geek she is now.

Two Geeks and a Psychotherapist

Episode 14: I asked, she answered. Georgia Dow joins me and we talk about what Depression is and what to look for to identify it. We then Discus How being a Geek can help, or make things worse.