Rachel's Story - Episode 3

Wed May 16 2018 (02:27)

This is Episode 3 of Rachel's Story, part of Mencap's Treat me well campaign.


Announcer: You are now listening to Episode 3 of Rachel’s story, part of Mencap’s Treat me well campaign

Too many people with a learning disability face problems when they go to hospital. We want to change this. Every episode of Rachel’s story is based on real experiences of people with a learning disability who have been to hospital. If you haven’t listened to previous episodes, please go back to Episode 1 to hear Rachel’s story from the beginning. 

Rachel: I’m lucky that my pharmacist knows me really well. She helped calm me down. She says things in a way I can understand. She called my dad so that he could go with me. Blood tests make me feel really nervous. 

I told the nurse I had a learning disability. The nurse said they had had training last month in helping people with a learning disability. I had brought my hospital passport with me, and the nurse read everything inside it.

Nurse: Now Rachel, I’m going to feel this part of your arm to find a vein first. Is that OK? Then we’ll put this rubber band on your arm to make it easier for us to get the blood. I’m going to take this small needle and then we’ll quickly put it in the vein and get the blood.

Rachel: The nurse told me everything she was going to do with the blood test, but she noticed that my head felt hot. I told her my stomach was hurting all of the time now. The nurse looked worried. So did my dad. 

She said we can’t wait for the blood test results.

Nurse: I’m going to see what I can do to get a scan for you, Rachel. I think it’s going to take too long to get the blood test results.

Rachel: My dad and I were waiting in the lobby. 

He went to the toilets and while he was in the toilet, they called my name. 

Announcer: This is the end of Episode 3.

Rachel’s story is a combination of experiences that real people with a learning disability have had in hospital. Rachel’s experiences in this episode are based on Nick’s story. To read Nick’s story and to find out more about Treat me well, our campaign for better hospital care, visit www.mencap.org.uk/treatmewell

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