Rachel's Story - Final Episode

Wed Sep 12 2018 (05:14)

This is the last episode of Rachel's Story, part of Mencap's Treat me well campaign.


Announcer: You are now listening to Episode 6 of Rachel’s story, part of Mencap’s Treat me well campaign

Every episode of Rachel’s story is based on real experiences of people with a learning disability who have been to hospital. If you haven’t listened to previous episodes, please go back to Episode 1 to hear Rachel’s story from the beginning. 

Rachel:   When things are going seriously wrong with your appendix, 

you need surgery right away. 

I was very afraid. 

The doctor who was putting me to sleep. They tried to relax me, but it didn’t help. 

Dad was outside.

Doctor: Are you sure you’re okay? Do you need a blanket? Do you have a favourite toy or something you can hold onto? I could try and get your dad back in here if that would help.

I may not understand things really fastly but I’m not a kid.

No one would just say what was happening.

They went to put a needle into my arm. I jumped really badly.

They said they were sorry. I said I wanted to know what was happening.

Doctor: All I’m going to do is wipe this bit of your arm with alcohol and put in this needle. It should be just a quick pinch. Then, I’m going to put this mask over your face, but it won’t smell bad. Just take deep breaths and we’ll count to ten together.

Once they said what was happening, everything was fine. 

They put a mask on my face, but I was calm. I counted to ten.






Rachel’s story is a combination of experiences that real people with a learning disability have had in hospital. Rachel’s experiences in this episode are based on Ronnie’s story. To read Ronnie’s story and to find out more about Treat me well, our campaign for better hospital care, please visit www.mencap.org.uk/treatmewell.

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