Moving the Needle

Turn up the volume on data-driven business and economic research by faculty affiliated with the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative

University of Pennsylvania faculty discuss novel research-based insights that have the potential to change the way we approach complex economic dynamics that underpin policy decisions. Based on the B-School for Public Po... More

Nation Branding: Which Countries Ranked Highest This Year?

How public policy can influence the brand of a country.

The Economics of Universal Basic Income

The effects of Universal Basic Income-style programs on labor markets

Regulating Robo-Advisors

As big data, algorithms, and automation have expanded, the banking sector has seen more automated financial investment tools. Professor Tom Baker discusses his research into regulating robo-advisors.

Achieving Regulatory Excellence

Regulatory excellence is more complicated than raw numbers and needs to incorporate concern for the success of businesses, but also, and perhaps more importantly, the protection of citizens.

Regulatory Responses to the Sharing Economy, Autonomous Vehicles, and Disruptive Innovation

How regulators and legislators can respond to industry disruptions.

The Decline of U.S. Corporate Investment

10 years after the financial crisis US corporate investment remains anemic. Is this weak recovery a symptom of a larger trend towards a less capital intensive economy?

The Financing and Management of Public Infrastructure

What is the role for the federal government in the financing and management of public infrastructure?