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It's basically infotainment.

Glen James, Erin (who keeps a low pro) and John Pidgeon talk about everyday money issues for millennials. With a variety of guests on the show, there is always fun to be had and practical money tips to take with you!
Latest Episode2019-2-4

205 HECS-HELP debt and novated leases

Should you pay down your HECS-HELP debt faster than the auto payments from your tax?

Should you get a novated lease through your employer for your next car?

We have Vince Scully from LifeSherpa on the show to help unpack these issues!

Things you need to know & places you need to go!



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205 HECS-HELP debt and novated leases

Should you pay extra on your HECS-HELP debt?

204 scratch the itch with cash & a lil quiz feat. Asher

Plus we revisit super contributions for your spouse

202 this interview may offend you

Glen James is in the guest chair

201 how to negotiate on a car + your 2k19 goals!

Glen went shopping over the break...

welcome to my millennial money, season 2

my millennial money

147 Merry Christmas!

Erin is back!