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Ukrainian Jewish Heritage: Interview with Alan Bernstein (Part 1) November 2018

A local church in Ukraine to take part in Felshtin Society commemorations of 1919 pogroms (Part 1)

Ukrainian Jewish Heritage: Purim 2019

The story behind the Jewish holiday, Purim—from ancient and more recent times.

Nash Holos Vancouver 2019-0316

Ukrainian Jewish Heritage: The Jewish holiday of Purim in ancient history & 20th century parallels; Pysanka Power Podcast: origins of Pysanka; Ukrainian Proverb of the Week, other items of interest & Great Ukrainian Music!

Nash Holos Vancouver 2019-0309

In this edition: The extraordinary friendship of Ukraine's national bard & a black American actor; introducing the Pysanka Power Podcast with Joan Brander; proverb, music & more!

Nash Holos Nanaimo 2019-0306 Hour 1

A look at the life of Rhea Clyman, a Jewish-Canadian journalist who reported on the USSR in the 1920s & 1930s, the Holodomor, and on the rise of Nazi Germany Part 2 of 2); a new book on the WWI internment of Ukrainians in Canada; proverb, music & more!