Cramming for Ethics in Tech

Thu Nov 29 2018 (49:48)

I'm cramming for my conversation next week about ethics and tech, and as I prepare I thought it would be a fun way to add some transparency to the process. Usually when I prepare for a big episode I reach out to folks in my network, I dig for sources, I spend a lot of time with the topic in my head. When I thought about who I should reach out to as I think about the roots of some of the issues we'll cover next week, I wondered, who might help me with something of a literature review on the ethics and philosophy part. As we know - but sometimes forget - many of the questions that we're asking today about ethics relevant to computer science have been asked before. There are entire schools of thought dedicated, scholars who've spent lifetimes... but I haven't reached back to those texts in forever, maybe you haven't either. So I did what anyone would do...

John P. Cleary is my high school philosophy teacher, and the first person who came to mind when I considered who would make time for me as I cram for this interview. He's a busy guy, an Assistant Professor at Raritan Valley Community College, an acclaimed stage actor, and restorer of his cabin in the woods, where I imagine he'll one day sip brandy and read poetry by a wood stove. We caught up for a bit before diving in, but the questions you hear me refer to are ones that I shot him over Facebook Chat, where he and I keep in occasional touch.

Enjoy my chat with John, it's a prep call for next weeks episode on Ethics in Tech, but if, like me, you're looking for a lit review to help you think about the scholarly history of some of civilizations' thorniest questions, here it is...


Joe Kincheloe, The Sign of the Burger:

Nat'l Association of Media Literacy:

Zimyatin's WE, Russian novel:

Neil Postman:

Martin Heidegger:

Jurgen Habermas:

McLuhan's Mechanical Bride:

Donna Haraway:

Kaku, Physics of the Impossible:

Also Mentioned:

Mary Shelly




Noam Chomsky


Friedrich Nietzsche