Episode 14: Dov Goes to World Makerfaire

Wed Dec 13 2017 (01:00:34)

Friend to No Such Thing and recent NYC high school applicant, Dov Alperin, roves the 2017 World Makerfaire for weird, wonderful, and next-best things, reporting back and sharing his finds. Listeners met Dov in Episodes 2 & 3 at Brooklyn's Beam Center. This is a great episode if you missed World Makerfaire 2017, have never been, or never miss it, all the same. Prosthetic mermaid tails and battle-ready light sabers both make an appearance in this episode, and Dov asks makers, "how do I get my mom to let me build one of these at home?" Spoiler alert for Dov's sister: this episode may reveal the contents of a Chanukah gift.

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