Episode 31: "Break All The Rules"

Thu Jun 07 2018 (01:22:44)

Amil Cook is a teacher at Propel Andrew Street Charter School in Pittsburgh, and he sees educators as DJs for learning. Part of his mantra... "break all the rules"

My conversation with Amil Cook highlights some opportunities that excited me when I first heard about them because they were totally novel instances where an educator was consciously pairing these specific technologies - crypto currency and 360 cameras - with learning experiences at the high school level. Amil and I, along with nearly graduated senior, Denver, take some exciting twists and turns.

In this episode:

Youth Leading Change Summit

360 Camera

360 Project Experience Link

Temple Lovelace - Duquesne

Shamik More: Dope, Movie

Youtubers & Games:

Myth, Daequan, Ninja