Episode 1 Learning & Making at Beam Center, Brooklyn

Tue Sep 12 2017 (01:07:37)

In this episode I interview a talented educator, Allen Reilley, who, like so many practitioners in this space, loves designing experiences that help others discover the world the way does through his own art. And Dov Alperin, a wise and deeply reflective 13-year old coming up at MS442. I talk more with Beam Center's co-founder, Brian Cohen, in a future episode, and Dov and Allen graciously offer a tour of the center in a short episode that I will release between the two. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy our conversation about in this episode about learning and making from Beam Center in Brooklyn New York.

Notes from this episode:

Beam Camp

Beam Center

Servo Moter


Allen Riley

weirdweb.website, Dove Alperin's site