Video Games With My Teacher - Part 1

Tue Aug 28 2018 (54:29)

This episode is another two-parter and it’s something of an experiment. If you listen to both episodes, it’s two hours of gameplay, and talk about games in learning, play, popular titles, a takedown of the Fortnight franchise by young Game Reviewer, and Rudy Blanco's student, Kimari Rennis - I can’t wait for you to meet Kimari - we talk about diversity in games, we define some terms, sidetrack a bit into mythology, and so so much more. Here’s the bottom line, though. If you’ve never played video games with your students, you might be missing out on a tremendous learning opportunity. How often in your class does a student jump in an say, “I’m happy to control the ship?” 

This and so much more in the episode ahead. Enjoy.

Links from this episode:

NYC Video Game Critic’s Circle:

DreamYard Project:

(Game 1) Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime:

Until Dawn (game):

Plants Vs Zombies:

George Fan, PVZ designer:

Disney Quest (arcade):

Fortnite (game):

Smite (game):

Pub G:

(Game 2) Don’t Starve Together:

Assassin’s Creed:

Playstation “Shareplay”: