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Off Script is a podcast for engaged citizens, public leaders and activists in Atlantic Canada. In each episode of the podcast we'll explore what people who are engaged in the politics of their communities are up to, what... More

Springtide and the future of our podcasts

This week we bring you some important news about the future of podcasts at Springtide.

#30: The Battle for Proportional Representation on PEI - Interview with Mark Greenan

The first time Prince Edward Islanders voted on electoral reform, they voted to keep the status quo. That was in 2005. Mark Greenan was involved in the campaign then, and ended up writing a masters thesis on the topic. The second time Islanders voted on electoral reform was in a 2016 plebiscite where 52% of voters expressed a preference for a mixed-member proportional system. The voters were ready, but the government wasn't. Citing low voter turnout, the Government is choosing to hold another vote. When the upcoming provincial election happens (at a date of the Government's choosing between now and next October), Islanders will be asked to choose between the current system and a Mixed Member Proportional one. Mark Greenan has been at the forefront of the movement for proportional representation on PEI since it began. On this episode of the Off Script podcast, we speak with Mark about the Island's lengthy journey towards electoral reform (and his own journey).

#29: [LIVE] Engaging the Disengaged (A podcast episode for the already engaged)

We all know the importance of getting more people engaged in elections, politics, and civic life, but it can be challenging to know how to do so effectively. Mark moderated a panel discussion between three Halifax-based activists as a part of an event hosted by Springtide called "Engaging the Disengaged - A Workshop for the Already Engaged". Guests: Jalana Lewis, Steve Estey, Jenna Brookfield

#28: How Halifax cyclists won a 1.5km protected downtown bike lane

Last Tuesday, Halifax municipal councillors voted in favor of approving a 1.5 kilometer stretch of protected bike lane on South Park Street in Halifax. Today on the podcast, Mark speaks with Kelsey Lane who is the executive director of the Halifax Cycling Coalition (HCC). The HCC has been leading the charge for more (and better) bike lanes in Halifax. We talk about the changes coming to South Park Street, and (as we often do) we explore the ‘how’ of what happened. We unpack the kind of behind the scenes, online, and (quite literally) on-the-street work that goes into getting politicians to make the streets safer for cyclists.

#27: How to serve the public on a dying school board | Interview with Cindy Littlefair HRSB Member

On Thursday March 1st the Nova Scotia Government is expected to introduce its education reform bill that will dissolve all English Language School boards in the province. Cindy Littlefair is one of the members of the Halifax Regional School Board grappling with the challenge of how to serve the public in the dying days of School Boards in Nova Scotia. In this episode of the podcast we speak with Cindy about this, using some remarks she shared at last week's HRSB meeting as a starting point for our conversation.