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PtV While we Wait

Mon Apr 23 2018 (01:32:20)

We close out Season 1 of the podcast with some recent news and events from CSE. Join us in May for the start of Season 2 with a big anniversary event!

The Dark Fool is My Cheesecake

Tue Jan 05 2016 (02:10:00)

with Mark Jacobs

Join Xirrin, Gondram, and Mark Jacobs while we chat about the classes of Camelot Unchained on a recap episode that will answer questions about bomb groups, why the Flame Warden is so "uninspired", and crafters in combat!

Dad Bods

Wed Dec 30 2015 (02:44:57)

Crafter chat with Takronix and CSE Tim! No, you didn't miss the stealth episode.

Spyke Sings at the End

Thu Nov 26 2015 (02:53:34)


Thu Nov 19 2015 (02:31:13)

You read that right.

The Opposition Gets a Ladybeard

Thu Nov 05 2015 (01:47:15)

Shooting Arrows out of the Internet

Thu Oct 22 2015 (02:45:18)


Thu Oct 08 2015 (01:57:18)


Smokeysmoke Strikes Again

Wed Sep 02 2015 (02:13:17)

Dragon Boobs

Tue Jun 16 2015 (01:46:10)


Mon Jun 01 2015 (02:31:44)

Building Concepts and Falling Crows

Sun Mar 15 2015 (02:06:40)

What will building be like in Camelot Unchained? Well, we've certainly seen some of the basics with some recent reveals and announcements from CSE. Beyond the actual layout of structures though, what does this all mean for the game and the community? How will building be structured? Also, whats up with that whole Crowfall thing? A PvP game funding via Kickstarter? What a novel idea! Join Xirrin, Gondram, Edany, and Tierless as the ideas, rants, and booze all flow with equal proportions tonight!

Organizational and Social Structures in CU

Fri Feb 13 2015 (02:37:00)

w/ Sophie Breca!

When many of us set out to find a place that "felt right" in our gaming lives we realized that the game itself was only a part of the equation. For as much as we squabble about stealth, resurrection, class balancing, and a myriad of other topics until we're blue in the face the fact is that both Gondram and I played GW2 for a much longer period of time than we would have if we had not put together the group of people that we did to play together. A game that we all recognized early on that had l ...

Happiness is a Warm Hammer

Sat Jan 17 2015 (01:47:06)

I can only imagine that Ragnar Lodbrok will look down upon us from Valhalla tonight with pleasure as we start to tackle the Viking Warrior concept from CSE. There's lots to pull apart with this concept, but even more so we've been given a peek at how classes and "paths" will be handled within Camelot Unchained. We'll do our best to make sense of what we know and give you our take on how we think it will all play out. Dei galne har mange morosame stunder som den vettige ikkje har.

Unchaining Camelot

Sat Aug 23 2014 (01:24:55)

Maps! Stats! A disagreement on how to interpret a BSC comment! The only other thing you could ask for is Edany.

Combat and Magic?

Wed Aug 06 2014 (02:09:00)

Do it Yourself!

Join your regular hosts @Gondram and @Xirrin tonight as we jump into the DIY world of combat and magic. We're really excited for this, and just a little bit nervous for some of it. Get our thoughts and talk with folks in the twitch chat about your own opinions regarding this BSC idea.

Beard Sh*t Crazy Progression

Wed Jul 23 2014 (02:34:20)

If you've been following the podcast since the Kickstarter you might have found the BSC Days a little less BSC than most. One thing is for certain though - progression was controversial with a lot of people. Did someone say "daily server downtime"? Join The Opposition along with regular guests @Edany and @Tierless time as we head down the rabbit hole of daily reports, soft caps, and realm news.

Does Size Really Matter?

Thu Jul 10 2014 (01:40:18)

Get your drunk on with @Xirrin, @Gondram, and @JaironKalach tonight! We'll be tackling the topics of both group size and mechanics. Does size really matter? We think it does, but you'll have to tune in tonight to find out of we agree on why or how it does and what ideas and thoughts we have behind it. We didn't call ourselves "The Opposition" for nothing! Grab your shots, highballs, brewskies and put on your meta caps with us tonight as we discuss guild and group sizes!

Skillalot Unchained

Thu Jun 26 2014 (02:08:25)

with Edany!

We're going to bring @Edany back as promised last episode and will follow up with an interesting topic of conversation that she brought up. Do MMOs require skill, or only time to master? Also - what areas would WE like to see skill focus on in CU? Additionally there has been a small trickle of news from CSE as the BSC Days have finally been announced and staff has been added over the last few months. @Gondram and I will go through the last half of our 6-month check-in on our 2014 predictions, an ...

The BSC Days of Soon(TM)

Sat Jun 14 2014 (02:25:43)

**Apologies for the ongoing microphone leveling issues. XSplit is the bane of my exsistence** Although we had been waiting until the BSC Days of May had started to deliver some content that we could really sink our teeth into we've had a huge outcry for more content! Since we aim to please Gondram and I put our heads together and decided that with guests Edany and Tierless joining us we could take some time and discuss a couple little things we'd like to see coming up. We'll discuss the couple t ...

Anniversarycast with Mark Jacobs

Mon May 05 2014 (02:04:37)

The 1-year anniversary celebration of the successful funding of the Camelot Unchained Kickstarter. We sit down and talk developments both recent and future with the man coming up with most of the ideas!

You broke the build!

Sat Apr 05 2014 (01:35:50)

The 'R' Word

Wed Mar 05 2014 (01:35:29)

This has been a hot topic that we're touched on briefly in the past, but its time to really spend some time breaking it down and talking about it beyond a couple side comments here and here spaced out over a year of podcasts. Let's spend some real time dissecting the concept of resurrection. What does it mean to CU as we believe it to be?

Camelot - The Final Frontier

Fri Feb 21 2014 (02:15:17)

Another big episode this week with lots of content! Some non-CU chat at the start regarding TESO, DAoC, EQN, and Pantheon and then into all the recent events from City State! JaironKalach joins us to talk about all sorts of stuff including a bit of crafting discussion.

The Voyage to City State

Thu Feb 06 2014 (01:47:40)

w/ Renee and Charles

The Search for Combat Mechanics

Fri Jan 24 2014 (03:12:34)

Sorry for the audio quality folks! It was a huge file with all sorts of little (and big) things that needed to be cleaned up and I did the best I could while releasing it in a reasonable about of time. This video is probably best viewed in more manageable chunks as we covered a LOT!

The Wrath of Nuada

Thu Jan 09 2014 (01:32:13)

and Tierless

27 days have passed since our last live episode. Christmas is over, and yet it feels like it is almost here as IT draws nearer. Please join us and our special guest @Tierless tonight for an episode filled with even more speculation, guessing, and reactions than they normally are. We'll cover our thoughts on 2013 and look forward to 2014 with some predictions on CU. Follow Tierless Time at http://www.mmorpg.com/blogs/Xobdnas

Opposition - The Motion Picture

Tue Jan 07 2014 (49:32)

The Lost Episode

Dig out of the depths of a hard drive here's the IRL meeting in Indy with some of the CU backers, Tim Mills, and The Opposition. Sorry for the poor editing and the sound quality but we had an exciting time trying to get all of the technology to work properly with no power for the laptop, a forced XSplit setting reset, a forced Twitch.TV setting reset (both server-side resets), and a mobile hotspot for a connection.


Thu Dec 12 2013 (01:17:06)

Can you dig it?

Join us as we talk in detail about crafting and the recent CU updates! No guests, just some talking heads with thoughts in (most likely) our last episode of 2013!

Guest Cornucopia

Thu Nov 28 2013 (01:31:24)

Today's episode is sure to bring all sorts of interesting conversation! We have a lot of insight coming to the show as we invite back some familiar faces, some slightly less familiar faces, and at least one new face you haven't seen before! I hope you're as excited as we are to take a little extra time tonight and get elbow-deep into the Camelot Unchained universe! I don't want to ruin the surprise, but I can tell you that you won't won't to miss this episode!

Phouka me?

Tue Nov 19 2013 (01:10:41)

No, Phouka you!

Tim Mills and SmudgePudge join the boys from the Opposition to discuss Phouka and updates from the last 2 weeks!

Flight of the Valkyries

Thu Oct 31 2013 (01:19:29)

New race! Birds! Ravens! More racial boons and banes, a becoming, and some interesting mechanics discussion incoming!

Jack and the Bean Sidhe

Thu Oct 17 2013 (01:26:25)

We cover the topic of the new class - the Bean Sidhe! Talk about racial boons/abilities, racial banes, and we're joined by CSE Tim Mills!

To Hel in a Handbasket

Thu Oct 03 2013 (01:15:50)

Our most recent episode will cover all the happenings in the last month (or month and a half, depending on if you got to see the live episode), and there is certainly a lot to talk about! New producers, new classes, new models, updates from CSE, and more! We hope you're as excited as we are and will join us to our 15th episode tonight!

Forum Hot Topics and New Races

Sun Aug 25 2013 (01:08:00)

Lots of talk about the new races, lore announcements and discussion, and more coverage of the the hot topics on the Founder's Forums!

Project Update #56

Sat Aug 10 2013 (01:18:40)


James Brown!


Tue Jul 30 2013 (01:09:24)

and the Death of Adventure

Join the Opposition in our 11th episode while we talk about the impact of mini-maps on games and some various topics that seem to kill the sense of adventure in games that we've experienced.

FP#5 and FP#6

Sat Jul 13 2013 (59:10)

Won't you join us tonight in our 10th episode? Tonight we're going to talk about Foundational Principal #5 and #6 as we cover some of the basics of what the game is all about. The game community, the mechanics, and the general style of the game will be molded heavily by these principals outlined by Mark Jacobs and while we've got a lull in the official development it creates a perfect opportunity to cover some of these topics in depth.

FP#4 and BSC Combat

Thu Jun 27 2013 (01:07:12)

It's that time of the week! That's right folks, its time to take your pants off, pop open that stale bag of Cheetos, and relax with the Opposition. Tonight we're going to talk about Foundational Principal #4 and then dive into two active vs RNG discussions surrounding combat that might surprise you. You're sure to either be intrigued, excited, or outraged!

Foundational Point #3 and Forums

Thu Jun 13 2013 (01:12:07)

Join The Opposition with recurring special guests Tim Mills and SmudgePudge as we talk about Foundational Points and the hot topics from the forums over the first couple of weeks. Subscribe to us on iTunes or our YouTube channel at youtube.com/oppositionpodcast.

Moving the Chains

Sat Jun 01 2013 (01:18:25)

Join us as we talk about some combat and progression conversations with 2 great members of the CU community. Masahiko and SmudgePudge make their first appearance on the show and bring some great insight! -- www.twitch.tv/oppositionpodcast

So like... now what?

Thu May 16 2013 (59:29)

Tim Mills from CSE joins us along with Xirrin's raging head cold! Watch as Gondram saves the day, Tim talks about all sorts of fun CSE and game stuff, and Xirrin holds on to the table to stay upright! Talk about game design, CSE studios, and tune in for the after party Q & A!


Fri May 03 2013 (01:10:06)

Episode 5

Join us for the drunkcast! A celebration of the Camelot Unchained KickStarter, some chat about community, discussion about what to do now that KS is over (NEED MOAR MONIES!), and some chat about combat mechanics.

Foundational Principal #1

Sun Apr 28 2013 (58:30)

...and Building

Still coming down from a great interview with Mark Jacobs we kicked back a bit and talked about FP#2 and building. Lots of interaction with the chat room and some random game/CU banter!

Mark Jacobs!

Wed Apr 17 2013 (01:27:19)

Official Podcast

An interview with Mark Jacobs! How about that? Join us in a 2 1/2 hour long discussion about the amazing upcoming game from City State Entertainment where we cover class balance, The Depths, some lore, and LOTS of chat questions and feedback!

Kickstarter Update

Thu Apr 11 2013 (01:03:48)

Weekend Excitement

In Episode 2 we talk about updates to the Camelot Unchained Kickstarter, the first $1M, Gondram talks about some TDD mythology, and Xirrin goes on a rant about alpha access!

Episode 1!

Thu Apr 04 2013 (01:03:49)

Kickstarter and FP1

Join us on our pilot episode of Camelot Unchained coverage! The game that we have been following and waiting for to hit Kickstarter!