Organizational and Social Structures in CU

Fri Feb 13 2015 (02:37:00)

When many of us set out to find a place that "felt right" in our gaming lives we realized that the game itself was only a part of the equation. For as much as we squabble about stealth, resurrection, class balancing, and a myriad of other topics until we're blue in the face the fact is that both Gondram and I played GW2 for a much longer period of time than we would have if we had not put together the group of people that we did to play together. A game that we all recognized early on that had little appeal to us still captivated a huge portion of our time because we had the right people to play with. The ability to organize people, both in-game and out, may mean just as much to us as the game itself. In many aspects more.