Skillalot Unchained

Thu Jun 26 2014 (02:08:25)

We're going to bring @Edany back as promised last episode and will follow up with an interesting topic of conversation that she brought up. Do MMOs require skill, or only time to master? Also - what areas would WE like to see skill focus on in CU? Additionally there has been a small trickle of news from CSE as the BSC Days have finally been announced and staff has been added over the last few months. @Gondram and I will go through the last half of our 6-month check-in on our 2014 predictions, and the ever-beloved @Sylvaana (formerly @CSE_Renee) will make a brief appearance in the midst of her crazy schedule to join us in some of the chatter. We look forward to seeing you tonight. Bring your booze!