The BSC Days of Soon(TM)

Sat Jun 14 2014 (02:25:43)

**Apologies for the ongoing microphone leveling issues. XSplit is the bane of my exsistence** Although we had been waiting until the BSC Days of May had started to deliver some content that we could really sink our teeth into we've had a huge outcry for more content! Since we aim to please Gondram and I put our heads together and decided that with guests Edany and Tierless joining us we could take some time and discuss a couple little things we'd like to see coming up. We'll discuss the couple tidbits that CSE has dropped since the start of May and we'll take some time and tell you what we would like to see in the BSC Days of May June Soon(TM). Some CSE folks (including MJ himself) stop by and chat with us for a while too.