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Leesta Vall Sound Recordings

Ep. 48

This episode is for the true-vinyl heads, audiofiles, and analog recording nerds. We talk to Aaron Zimmer of Leesta Vall Sound Recordings about recording music directly to vinyl with a vintage lathe. 

This completely analog way of making a record was pioneered by Alan Lomax, the original ethnomusicologist who brought us the foundational blues and folk recordings in the American music canon.

Now Aaron and Leesta Vall are the only people left making records in this way with a vintage 50s cutting lathe and a tiny studio in Brooklyn.

Each record they cut is completely one-of-a-kind, just an artist's performance directly to vinyl and nothing else. Aaron walks us through how this unique recording process works and explains why he will never allow anyone to make digital copies of his records.



Ep. 47

In the spirit of the upcoming November 6th election day, we talked to Nashville songwriter, band leader, entrepreneur, and activist Tristen Gaspadarek.

Tristen a leader in the indie rock scene here in Nashville, she’s also one of the co-founders of Please Vote Nashville, whose mission is to incentivize voting in our local culture by making it easy, creating ballot literacy, and creating social rewards for voting.

Not only has she been busy touring behind her latest album, Sneaker Waves, she’s also toured as a member of Jenny Lewis’ band, and she’s helping co-write the next Vanessa Carlton record, and working on a new album of her own, not to mention preparing to be a new mom.

We talk to her about how she manages to juggle so many creative projects and why being engaged in the political process is so crucial. Your vote does make a difference, and not voting is a political act. Make sure you are counted on November 6th. Please vote!


T. Hardy Morris

Ep. 44

We've always enjoyed how T. Hardy Morris's voice breaks through any recording or band he gets involved with. His gift for melody has stood out on each his solo records, his time fronting the dark, sludgy psych of Dead Confederate, or as a member of garage-rock's version of the Traveling Wilburys, Diamond Rugs.

Not only did we invite him to headline the first edition of very own Fuzz Fest last year, we sat down with him recently to talk about his new album. The album is called Dude, The Obscure, a playful homage to the Thomas Hardy Novel Jude, The Obscure.

Listen on to hear about his approach to making this record, how being a dad influences his songwriting, and, of course, the music legacy of his hometown of Athens, GA.

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Cover photo by Alex Justice.