Audrey Knows About Building On Small Successes

Fri Jun 08 2018 (01:03:55)

Audrey Wick is a full time professor of English at Blinn College in Texas. Her diverse writing includes short stories, non fiction and ghost writing projects. I recently read her novel Finding True North and a second novel Coming Home is due to be released in July 2018. During our conversation, Audrey shared her experiences and wisdom with the editing process, the difference between personal writing and writing we want to share, and what to do if you don’t quite know what you want to be when you grow up. I loved her thoughts about how being a reader influences writing, marrying aptitudes and interests to chart a path that makes sense for us and finding small moments of free time and using them to build worlds. Audrey knows also knows how to produce something fresh and meaningful, how to handle language and about exploring the world – whether by travelling around it, or starting the day with a warm cup of coffee.

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