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Episode Five: The Finale - Tick Tock.

Sun Feb 18 2018 (20:06)

In this tense and feverish season finale, the detective discovers more information out Dominic Wannamaker, but is it enough? Will he be able to gather the courage to go forth and save the day, or will the villain get the last laugh? There are too many questions to answer, so sit back and enjoy the double length season finale of P.I.Credits:Music provided by Kevin McLeod of IncompetechVoices, writing, and production by Casey ChaplinExecutive Producer: Andy Harmon

Episode Four - Courage in a Bottle

Sun Feb 11 2018 (09:17)

In this episode the Detective digs deeper into the past of our villain, finally revealing his identity. But is what he finds enough, or will he be too late to save the Dame? Join us in the ongoing journey of our grizzled Detective in this penultimate episode!Music by Kevin McLeod of Incompetech.Production, editing, and voices by Casey ChaplinExecutive Producer Andy Harmon.

Episode Three: Past Meets Present

Sun Feb 04 2018 (11:46)

In episode three of our audio drama, our detective is on a mission to find out who this Jane Doe really is. He's met with an interesting character who's all too interested in his visit to Lakeview Psychiatric Hospital, and he also questions who can still trust.Credits:All music was provided by Kevin McLeod of IncompetechVoices, Writing, and Production by Casey ChaplinExecutive Producer: Andy Harmon

Episode Two: Washed up and Drunk

Sun Jan 28 2018 (11:31)

Episode 2 of P.I. has our Private Eye looking deeper into the disappearance of his client, the dame. How does our dastardly villain operate? What drives him? There might be one man who can shed some light on the situation. Washed up and disgraced former police detective, Jameson O'Rourke. He's found many a thing in the bottom of a bottle, but will he find any answers for our intrepid P.I.?Music by Kevin McLeod of Incompetech.Production, Voices, and Editing by Casey ChaplinExecutive Producer: And ...

Episode One: The Necklace and The Dame

Sun Jan 28 2018 (11:38)

Season one debut

Episode on of P.I., the audio drama, focuses on our gritty detective as he takes on simple burglary that soon turns into his worst nightmare. When the Dame shows contacts him, she herself wouldn't be able to fathom the trouble she would soon find.Music provided by Kevin McLeod of Incompetech.Production, voices, and editing done by Casey Chaplin.Executive Producer: Andy Harmon

P.I. Trailer for Episode 1 and 2

Thu Jan 18 2018 (00:48)

P.I. is the story of a gritty private investigator who always ends up getting more than he bargained for. Season 1 deals with the toughest foe in his career. Follow along and see how he'll get out of this particularly hairy situation, and whether or not he can save the day after all. P.I. is an audio drama brought to you by Casey Chaplin.Music provided by Kevin McLeod of Incompetech. Voices, editing, and production by Casey Chaplin