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Darth Vader in Storybook Gardens? Most impressive.

Chris, Darth Vader cosplayer, sat down with Pat, Chris, and Jay to share some insight on his hobby. Much like the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Chris is constantly upgrading his outfit. Where did he begin? What inspired him to recreate and don one of the most complicated and uncomfortable Star Wars costumes imaginable? What are some of the benefits and occupational hazards of playing science fiction's most recognizable villain? And what advice does he have for people interested in starting to c ...

Putting the "con" in "community"

Our first live episode continues with Andrew Kitt from London Comic Con! Chris, Pat, and Jay sat down with him during Star Wars Day at Storybook Gardens this July to talk about the convention's origins, and what makes it such a special experience.What can Chris and Pat expect from their first convention? How does such a big event come around? And how does it tie together various fan groups around the Forest City? Tune in and find out!This is part 2 of 5 of the "Storybook Sessions," the interview ...

Live, from Storybook Gardens!

It's our first live show! Recorded during Star Wars Day at Storybook Gardens, right here in London on July 21, 2018! We were joined again by Jay (Kylo Ren) and Amber (Rey) to chat about #CloneWarsSaved and the impact of new female characters like Rey and Ahsoka. Then we welcomed Allan and Steve to the program for the first time! Hear all about the brotherhood of astromech droid builders, and the perils of being The Maker's doppelganger!This is part 3 of 5 of the "Storybook Sessions," the intervi ...

#13 - Trolls Under the Bridge

Fri Jul 20 2018 (01:43:19)

Standalones, trolls, and unlikely collectibles!

Welcome back to the only Star Wars podcast that willnotlet this Republic that has stood for a thousand years be split in two! We're joined again by Jay, as well as super-collector Paul Van Dyk. to discuss the recent reports about the standalone films being "put on hold" and the rampant toxicity running through the community. Media sensationalism and hateful ignorance are sending seismic ripples across the galaxy far, far away, and we felt it was necessary to tackle these contentious issues head- ...

#12 - Good Old-Fashioned Space Adventure

Tue Jun 05 2018 (01:20:58)

Our full review of Solo: A Star Wars Story

Welcome to the Quarter Portion Podcast, the only Star Wars podcast that has heard about a big time gangster putting a crew together. Jay joins us again as we finally dive into Solo: A Star Wars Story (with FULL SPOILERS!).Along the way, we discuss:Han's originsthe difference in tone from The Last Jedihow Solo compares to Rogue Oneour picks for stand-out performancesdid Alden & Donald deliver with their takes on beloved characters?has Lawrence Kasdan learned how to write female characters since E ...

Solo Spoiler-Free Review

Fri May 25 2018 (08:30)

A quick solo rundown on Solo!

Happy Solo: A Star Wars Story Day! (And happy 41st anniversary to Star Wars!) Chris just got out of the theatre and is here to share his SPOILER-FREE first impressions! Did Alden live up to the role? What about the plethora of other new characters? And was this really the "best Star Wars script ever written"?Enjoy the ride this weekend, and join us in a few days for our full spoileriffic review!

#11 - Galaxy of Hope

Wed May 16 2018 (01:01:15)

Highlighting Star Wars fans who give back to the community

Welcome back to the only Star Wars podcast that has a good feeling about this!Chris & Patrick are joined by Jay and Amber to talk about the work they've done bringing light to sick kids with the power of Star Wars, and were deeply moved by the impact the franchise can have - you need to hear the story of Xavier.We also talked about their earliest Star Wars experiences, our excitement for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and our hopes for upcoming television projects!* * * * *Follow the show on Facebook ...

#10 - Balancing Expectations

Fri Apr 13 2018 (01:11:05)

Jenn returns! Solo trailers, Last Jedi changes, and Kylo Ren!

Welcome back to the only Star Wars podcast that would prefer a straight fight to all of this sneaking around!Jenn Johnson is back in the studio, and we have fresh Last Jedi content and Solo trailers to discuss! We're talking about the future of Star Wars, the present pre-Solo hype, and the recent past with Last Jedi's bonus features and novels.We begin with Jenn's reactions to Episode VIII, and our reactions to the novelization and the home release's bonus features - this movie is already aging ...

Solo Trailer & Game of Thrones News

Fri Mar 09 2018 (55:00)

Dissecting the first Solo trailers & some big, breaking news!

Join us for a special reaction episode of the only Star Wars podcast that thought we were in trouble for a minute there but we're fine now, it's fine. We're joined again by Patrick's brother Brendan (and Chris' persistent head-cold) to dive into the first trailers for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and some breaking news.Our first look at the upcoming Anthology film came almost 100 days before the movie's release, beginning a lightning media campaign, and we talk through our impressions. Luckily the t ...

#9 - Long Live the Last Jedi

Thu Jan 11 2018 (01:35:52)

The opinions are strong with this one!

Welcome back to the only Star Wars podcast that has always been scum - Rebel scum!Our first show of 2018 is all about The Last Jedi, now that we've been back to the theatres to see it twice more. To say that this movie's reception has been divisive is a massive understatement, and we're here to look at it from every angle. First off, we have some audience reactions to share - thanks to those of you who wrote in on our social media accounts to give your opinion! We discuss our own pros and cons a ...

#8 - The Last Jedi Debrief

Sun Dec 24 2017 (01:29:47)


Welcome back to the only Star Wars podcast that wouldn't let good porg meat go to waste. There has been a box office opening - have you felt it? The Last Jedi has finally arrived.Join Chris & Patrick for their debrief of the newest installment in Star Wars Canon. We kick things off differently, with cutting-edge reactions from our hosts and special guest Brendan - brought to you live from Chris' phone - as they head to and from their Thursday night viewing. After these opening rounds, join the b ...

#7 - The Last Jedi Pre-Show

Tue Dec 12 2017 (50:59)

In a few days, will the Jedi end?

T'was a few days before Star Wars,And through the 'net,Every fanboy was stirring,Especially Chris and Pat.Welcome back to the only Star Wars podcast with permission to blow stuff up. Star Wars history will be made this week with the release of Episode VIII, "The Last Jedi." As a deep breath before the storm, Chris and Patrick are here to discuss their expectations for this momentous film.It's been two years since The Force Awakens left us hanging, and a year since Carrie Fisher's tragic passing, ...

Seems like a simple question - or is it?

We're doing something a little different on this installment of the Quarter Portion Podcast - we're kicking back with a glass of wine and a special guest, and asking a simple question: if you could revive any Star Wars character, who would you choose?This is the first installment of what we like to call "The Quarter Portion Question." We're more laidback and candid, and the conversation rolls where it will. What will we do when John Williams no longer works on Star Wars? How long until we see an ...

The Star Wars community cried out in joy last nig…

The Star Wars community cried out in joy last night, as if an exciting trailer for a new episodic film was released, and then viewed 16 million times in 24 hours.Chris and Patrick watched this new batch of footage together for the first time, over Skype, and launched directly into dissecting everything. Without overanalyzing, here are their thoughts and raw reactions to The Last Jedi's final trailer. Is everything as it seems? Who's talking to who? What hidden details lurk in the background of t ...

Special Report: The Solo Episode

Wed Jul 19 2017 (11:55)

Flying solo, talking Solo

After an unfortunate and unforeseen hiatus, the Quarter Portion Podcast returns with a "Solo" episode! Patrick has been down and out with a sciatic injury, unable to sit at a computer and edit the episodes in our hopper, so while he's on the mend Chris is here to catch up on a couple major occurrences in the Star Wars universe!You may have heard about the scandal surrounding the Han Solo film while we've been away. Chris weighs in on the situation and how we, as Star Wars fans, respond to things ...

#6 - 1977, A Space Odyssey

Thu May 25 2017 (01:12:23)

A long time ago - forty years, to be exact...

Welcome back to the only Star Wars podcast that used to bullseye womp rats in our T-16 back home! Today is the 40th anniversary of Star Wars - on this day in 1977 audiences were first introduced to the galaxy far, far away. Chris & Patrick continue their series of movie reviews with this timeless classic, known then as Star Wars, known now as Episode IV: A New Hope.We talk about our initial reactions to the movie and how they've changed; the plot and characters; technical aspects and presentatio ...

#5 - They Rebel

Fri May 12 2017 (02:02:43)

Is "Rebels" the chosen one?

Welcome to the fifth episode of the only Star Wars podcast that isn't accepting surrender today! Join us and our special guest, Brendan Fletcher!Brendan (aka Boba Fletch) is Patrick's brother and a longtime adviser to the show, so we're glad to finally sit him in front of the mic and let him speak his mind for himself. We asked him to join us as he is an even bigger fan of Grand Admiral Thrawn - as our main topic is Star Wars Rebels.Along the way, we discuss:the differences between The Clone War ...

#4 - Princess, General, Huttslayer

Sat May 06 2017 (01:23:39)

To us, she is royalty.

Welcome to the fourth episode of the only Star Wars podcast that would just as soon kiss a Wookiee! Join us and our first special guest, Jenn Johnson!Jenn is a childhood friend of Patrick's. When we invited her to appear on the show and began brainstorming a topic involving "women in Star Wars," we realized we couldn't begin to scratch that particular surface without first discussing Leia Organa. We follow this iconic character's development through the Original Trilogy, the novel "Bloodline" by ...

Fire the news cannons!

Welcome to a bonus episode of the only Star Wars podcast that only knows one truth: it's time for the Jedi to end. Star Wars Celebration was just held in Orlando and we were bombarded with news on upcoming projects. While we weren't fortunate enough to attend in person, we were watching livestreams and have a lot to discuss.Join us as we discuss trailers and panels for:the fourth (and final) season of Star Wars RebelsBattlefront II, now featuring a (canon) story campaigna plethora of newly-annou ...

#3 - Rogue One With the Force

Sat Apr 08 2017 (01:33:50)

How does Rogue One hold up on Bluray?

Welcome to episode 3 of the only Star Wars podcast that will be there for you - Cassian said we had to. Today we kick off our series of movie reviews with the latest addition to the theatrical canon, Rogue One (now on home video).Emotions tend to run high after the adrenaline rush of a new Star Wars theatrical experience, so we start with a discussion of how our initial reactions have cooled over the last couple months. Then we dive deep into the cast of new characters, the plot, and the movie's ...

#2.5 - Review: Empire's End

Fri Mar 17 2017 (01:24:28)

Witness the Battle of Jakku!

Welcome back to Episode #2.5 of the only Star Wars podcast that buys a fancy blaster and a fancy ship for your newborn child. Today hosts Chris & Patrick return for a special bonus episode, where they review the latest addition to the Star Wars canon, "Aftermath: Empire's End" by Chuck Wendig.The conclusion of the Aftermath trilogy, Empire's End reveals the end of the Galactic Civil War as well as the fates of this new group of ragtag heroes. We briefly discuss our thoughts on the trilogy before ...

#2 - Attack of the Canon

Fri Mar 10 2017 (01:17:08)

"It's all true - all of it."

Welcome back to Episode #2 of the only Star Wars podcast that rides single file to hide their numbers. Today hosts Chris and Patrick dive into the world of "Star Wars Canon," the new official storyline of the Star Wars franchise. What books, comics, and games are included? How does this timeline differ from the previous Expanded Universe? Do those old stories still matter?With all this ground work laid, we give our recommendations on where to start engaging with Canon. We provide suggestions for ...

#1 - First Steps Into A Larger World

Fri Feb 10 2017 (01:13:32)

This will begin to make things right.

Welcome to the first episode of the Quarter Portion Podcast, a new monthly show where we discuss, analyze, and interpret the vast Star Wars universe! Your hosts, Chris & Patrick, aim to provide insightful discussion covering the whole spectrum of the enterprise, from the current Canon to the Legends universe, to the original trilogy and on to current movie news. We have something for every stripe of Star Wars fan.This episode, we introduce ourselves and the show, and begin by discussing our pers ...