RCCS ChapelCast

Rock County Christian School

Two Forms of Knowledge

Tue Dec 19 2017 (18:47)

Pastor Terry Morehouse

Pastor Terry Morehouse (Beloit Life Center) speaks about the fear of the Lord as the beginning of wisdom and knowledge. (Unfortunately the first 5 minutes of this message were not recorded)

How to Have A Satanic Christmas

Sat Dec 16 2017 (32:19)

Kevin Thompson

Mr. Thompson shares a different look at Christmas from Revelation 12.

Love One Another

Sat Dec 16 2017 (27:06)

Pastor Gary Shields

Pastor Gary Shields speaks from I John 2 about the importance of obedience and love.


Wed Nov 15 2017 (27:04)

Pastor Andy Dressler

Andy Dressler (youth pastor at Rock Valley Chapel) speaks on how our view of thanksgiving is effected by our view of God.

Your Spiritual Growth Chart

Wed Nov 08 2017 (29:58)

Mr. Thompson

From II Peter 1 Mr. Thompson goes over a list of 8 different qualities the Bible says ought to be part of our growth as followers of Christ.

No Other Gospel

Wed Nov 01 2017 (30:05)

Pastor Aaron White

On this Reformation Day Chapel, Pastor Aaron White (River Hills Community Church in Janesville) preaches from Galatians 1.

Q and A Chapel

Wed Oct 25 2017 (26:40)

Mr. Thompson

In this chapel Mr. Thompson answers several questions submitted by the students.

Pro-Life Day Panel Discussion

Fri Oct 20 2017 (36:38)

Kevin Thompson, Philip Allen, Marybeth Karstaedt

RCCS once again took part in the annual Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity.On this day we stand for those who cannot stand for themselves.Students are encouraged to wear strips of red duct tape as reminders of the children lost everyday through abortion.Throughout the day we spoke about the sanctity of human life in classes and took time to pray for women struggling with this decision.

The Bible Tells Me So

Fri Oct 20 2017 (37:25)

Kevin Thompson

Mr. Thompson speaks about the authority of the Word of God.

Answer the Call

Fri Oct 20 2017 (23:04)

Anthony Culver

Anthony Culver, youth pastor at Beloit Family Worship Center, speaks about answering God's call from Exodus 3.


Wed Sep 27 2017 (26:08)

Doug Shaw

Doug Shaw of Forthright Ministries speaks from Hebrews 1:1-2.

How Do We Know What We Know

Thu Sep 21 2017 (22:37)

Kevin Thompson

From Psalm 19, Mr. Thompson speaks about how general and special revelation reveal God.

Jesus Changes Everything

Thu Sep 21 2017 (24:51)

Kevin Thompson

This is the final message from this year's retreat. Mr. Thompson speaks about the importance of humility when it comes to unity.

That Escalated Quickly

Thu Sep 21 2017 (34:13)

Kevin Thompson

In this second retreat message, Mr. Thompson speaks of a fallen world that is marred by sin, yet also highlights the hope we have in Christ.

Back to the Basics

Thu Sep 21 2017 (20:08)

Kevin Thompson

This was the kick-off message to our 2017 Middle School High School Retreat. This year Mr. Thompson preached through our school's statement of faith. He followed a basic outline of Creation, Fall Redemption. This is the first of those three messages.

One Way

Thu Sep 21 2017 (27:11)

Deryk Hayes

Deryk Hayes, the Interim Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Freeport, IL, speaks of the one way of salvation from John 14:6.

Summer Missions Chapel

Thu Sep 21 2017 (32:06)

Various Students

This summer missions chapel features our lifestyle leadership class explaining our theme for the year, a brief message from Mr. Thompson on Acts 1:8, a presentation from Dylan Hill concerning his missions trip and a look ahead to next year's summer missions trip to Costa Rica.

Choose Today

Wed Aug 23 2017 (22:40)

Kevin Thompson

Welcome back to school! In this first chapel, Mr. Thompson speaks on our theme for the year - Choose Today. His text was Joshua 14:1-25.

When Tragedy Strikes

Sat Jul 29 2017 (43:28)

Laura Diehl

What happens when tragedy strikes?

Kevin Thompson

Adoptive/foster families often struggle on ways to communicate how they best can be served. This workshop is geared toward helping you better understand the plight of families who have recently adopted or started taking in foster children.

Parenting Adult Children

Sat Jul 29 2017 (40:52)

Darnell & Tina Curran

Many older people have taken on the challenge of parenting their grandchildren or out of the foster system. What are the challenges they face and how can this experience become a positive one for all involved?

Zombie Apocalypse- Technology for Today

Sat Jul 29 2017 (39:32)

Anthony Culver & Tralese Weber

We are looking at the role social media has in our lives. What is out there,what are the pros and cons,for both parents and kids.What are safeguards that can be put in place for both, a basic understanding of what “technology”

Making Home Work-From PK to High School

Sat Jul 29 2017 (42:34)

Brad Molander

God has laid out the the biblical blueprints necessary for the Christian home to work. For our home to work,we must submit to His plans and guidelines, which are found in His Word.

Real Marriage, Real Hope!

Sat Jul 29 2017 (41:33)

Marc and Denise Grindle with Dale and Ruth Manion

Marriage can be hard! That is the bad news. The good news? Marriage can be great! These two couples combined bring over 75 years of marriage experience. They have lived and experienced the good and bad… real marriage.

Casey Ehlers

With the college community becoming more secular, being a faithful Christian is becoming harder. How can parents faithfully prepare their children to walk into College while sold out to King Jesus?

Tim Johnson

After nearly 22 years of marriage and 10 years of pastoring and counseling married couples,I have observed three characteristics that routinely emerge in healthy marriages.

Living With Margin

Fri Jul 28 2017 (36:06)

Marc Grindle

Sometimes it seems like the only way to keep up with all the demands on our lives is to run at“maximum capacity” and then some.But there is another way. Come explore what it means to live with Margin.

What Your Teens are Telling Me

Fri Jul 28 2017 (44:22)

Denise Grindle

Do you ever wish you could truly understand what your teen is talking about? Or feel like you’re speaking different languages at times. Walk through some of the tips and helps in the book “Let me tell you what your teens are telling me” by Blaine Bartel

Starting Kids Off Right

Fri Jul 28 2017 (39:48)

Sheri Holcomb

We’ll see what the Bible has to say about raising small children and learn some techniques Jesus used in his teaching and discipline and see how those are supported by the latest brain research. Leave with of ideas that are easy to implement.

Raising Godly Families

Fri Jul 28 2017 (31:26)

Adam Meyer

Ephesians 5:1 –Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children.

Real Life, Real Hope

Fri Jul 28 2017 (23:47)

Phil Allen

Our marriages and families exist in the real world. That means that there are ups and downs;good times and bad times; success and failure. Yet in the midst of all of that there is real hope. Where do we find real hope for real life?

6 Principles for the Christian Single

Fri Jul 28 2017 (34:44)

Kevin Thompson

While marriage is an integral part of God’s created order for mankind, God also has a purpose and plan for singleness. Don’t waste your singleness but instead see it as the gift it is, whether it be temporary or prolonged.God has not abandoned you but chosen you for His purpose!

Panel Discussion

Fri Jul 28 2017 (21:48)

Kevin Thompson, Phil Allen, Marc Grindle, Tim Johnson

A panel discussion featuring several family-related questions.

Sowing and Reaping

Fri Jul 28 2017 (43:58)

Kevin Kringel

Sowing & reaping applies in marriage. Sowing the right language and action, in time, produces great harvest.

Tim Johnson

Christians who understand God’s treatment of adoption are well-prepared to direct their children (whether those children are adopted or not) to find their truest identity in Christ rather than in biology.

Love Languages

Fri Jul 28 2017 (42:22)

John Benson

Join me as we explore the Love Languages and identify your primary language so that you can communicate effectively your love for each other.

Parenting Teens

Fri Jul 28 2017 (50:52)

Dannie Evans

Maintaining hope and faith during the difficult teen years is a challenge. I will give some examples I have had with rearing my children and the joys as well as the test and trials of those years for my family. I will encourage the families to trust God and His process even when it looks desperate and it feels terrible.

Philip Allen

Let’s face it, NO marriage is perfect!No matter how “good” or “bad” our relationship is, we all want better marriages.In this seminar we will spend some time digging out a few Biblical principles that should form the foundation for our marriages at every stage of life and growth!

Raising Godly Teens

Fri Jul 28 2017 (39:12)

Michael Powers

We will focus on parent’s responsibility for the spiritual upbringing of their teens.

Family Legislative Update

Fri Jul 28 2017 (40:13)

Meagan Matthews

We will be exploring the citizen’s role and impact on the legislative process as well as a brief overview of some of the legislative proposals that had a direct impact on families.

Biblical Manhood

Fri Jul 28 2017 (47:11)

Joel Otto

What Does God Expect from Me as a Man? Credit: Men’s Fraternity Definition of Authentic Manhood

Strong Families

Fri Jul 28 2017 (38:08)

Pastor David Clark

This was the opening session of the 2016 Community Strong Conference.

Understanding Millennials

Fri Jul 28 2017 (37:36)

Pastor Brent Befus

This session is going to focus on how to identify and engage the Millennial generation. We will take a glimpse at what are their values, concerns, and mode of operation. We will discuss how to engage and entrust the future to the next generation.