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Big Brother and Your Privacy

Stare Into the Lights My Pretties. From our partners at Link. This powerful doc proves how screen culture has empowered corporate and government interests with the ideal narcotic with which to control us. Your Google searches offer these structures an unprecedented glimpse into your thoughts, desires, political leanings and other defining characteristics. Everyone from advertisers to politicians have used this data to modify our behaviors and make us subservient to their cause. Online surveillan ...

Survivor Goes Deep Into Personal Story

Exclusive: #MeToo Los Angeles' chief and multiple rape survivor, Brenda Gutierrez, shares her own powerful story for the first time in public.Ms. Gutierrez is the founder of the "Me Too Survivors March" and "Me Too March International". Ms Gutierrez is also a member of the American Indian Movement, So Cal. and works on many issues such as housing, homelessness, animal rights, immigration, environmental and other social justice issues.

Cary & Mercy Detangle Trump

Wed Sep 19 2018 (42:03)

President Moby Dick

Greed vs Greed: How Trump became president with and without the Democrats.

Michael Martin Takes the #MeToo Movement to his Own Community

The subject of a #Buzzfeed exposé on same-sex sexual misconduct in the workplace reveals a serious conflict within the gay community.The Broadway Legend, The College Student, And The Harassment That Still Stings TodayMichael Martin was thrilled for the chance to work with multiple Tony Award–winning designer William Ivey Long — but as he told BuzzFeed News, he was not ready for the repeated groping that came with it. ...

JFK Assassination, Cancer, & Cover-Up

Dr. Mary's Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses Are Linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK Assassination, and Emerging Global Epidemics | Zane Buzby & The Mitvah Project.The 1964 murder of a nationally known cancer researcher sets the stage for this gripping expos� of medical professionals enmeshed in covert government operations over the course of three decades. Following a trail of police records, FBI files, cancer st ...

14 Million 'New Collar Jobs'

Wed Aug 15 2018 (19:07)

IBM's P-Tech Free Education 'New Collar Jobs' Model

Guest: IBM Foundation's JENNIFER CROZIER. They’re called “New Collar” jobs, and there are millions available – 16 million in the US by 2024. As industries from manufacturing to health and agriculture are reshaped by computer science, good jobs are being created that demand new skills and require postsecondary degrees, but not necessarily from a four-year college. To help meet the needs of students and employers, a compelling public education model has picked up momentum. Designed to train high s ...

Trump Manchurian Candidate | LGBTQ Civil Rights G Mainstream

America's 1st documentary chronicles 50 years of LGBTQ struggle through the lense of the world's first "gay" newspaper, The Advocate. Directed by Montgomery Clift's cousin, Billy Clift and produced by HERE TV's David Millbern. | Famed "card sharp", 83 year old Amazing Kreskin, solves the Trump hypnosis issue after Fox News runs parody.

How to Save the Democrats and Regain Hope

Dan Pfeiffer (Pod Save America) takes us through the fun house that is Donald Trump. Pfeiffer is one of Barack Obama's longest serving advisors, White House Director of Communications, and Senior Adviser to the President. After all of the sex scandals, oligarchs, rhetoric, dramatic firings and ill-advised hirings, Dan Pfeiffer's YES WE (STILL) CAN: Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter and Trump is a no-BS account of hope, change, (and humor!).

Fake News Trends & Solutions

Sat Jul 21 2018 (28:45)

RCL's Fake News Clinic

In our Fake News Clinic, we bring on the popular Angelo Carusone, President of Media Matters (@GoAngelo). Media Matters is known for its aggressive criticism of conservative journalists and media outlets, including its "War on Fox News.". Under Mr. Carusone, the organization's focus has shifted toward focusing on the alt-right, conspiracy theories, and fake news.

Rudimentary Plant Language Converted to Sound

RCL enters the indoor laboratory where various plants and trees are growing in a controlled environment. Scientists, using electrodes on plant leaves, have been able to translate live communication between different plants, including fear, warnings -- even joy.

LA's Leading "Out" Gov. Officials Talk Life, Sexuality, Politics

Exclusive, humorous, and intimate radio roundtable with LA's top government officials as they tell intimate stories and discuss nature vs nurture, sex and politics across California and beyond!,

#chopra #camps #internment #immigrants #purium #green #deepakchopra

Deepak Chopra gives us direct advice on self-empowerment, gov. corruption, self-esteem, and leadership. | Green company offers free online franchises to make good at-home money (518-50-GREEN)| Gov. internment camps use German WWII slogans on child immigrants.

Empowering Women & Their 'Can-Do' Spirit

Wonder Women: Nobel Prize winning physicist, physician, and foremost expert - Helen Caldicott - on nuclear radiation and its current spread across the planet. | Breaking audio from immigration detention camps where toddlers are being kept in cages | Dr. Vandana Shiva: GMOs, climate change, and taking back "the system".(Both Drs. Caldicott & Shiva are listed among the 20 most powerful women in the world.)

Putin, Capt. Kirk, & LA Zombies

Exclusive: Young LGBTQ Russians escape Putin's death machine. We interview them in an undisclosed location. | Star Trek's most famous captain - William Shatner talks Trek, Piddle, and Pedicures | Cary & Mercy look at LA's quiet plan of relocating the homeless to the desert.

Conspiracies and Capitalism

Bilderberg Group exposed by undercover reporter, Daniel Estulin - live from Madrid. | Lee Camp talks speaking truth to power using Russia's RT channel for his show, "Redacted Tonight". | LA's Assessor, Jeff Prang, reveals money-saving tips and rebates America's 2nd largest city and yours may now have available.

Special iOS app Version (Reality Check Live app)

John Chiang is widely recognized as California’s fiscally responsible progressive leader. As California's state Controller (2007-2014) and current Treasurer, he has a proven track record of increasing transparency and accessibility in state government and holding government officials accountable when they refuse to do their job.John stood up to Wall Street banks — like Wells Fargo – and has saved the state billions of dollars through audits and debt restructuring. John has the progressive vision ...

Is Caitlyn Jenner a Fraud? Trump Parents; Democratic Children

After confronting LGBT-phobic Caitlyn Jenner, Ashlee Marie Preston has skyrocketed as a key black Transwomen and activist in a Sisyphean social struggle most American's can't imagine. Her straightforward and candid observations are in demand at universities and TV networks. | Mercy and Cary look at ways Trump supporters and their counterparts can find common ground using a certain technique.

#Oscars #Purium #Bi-Polar #lgbt+

Actor Johnathan Baker (Netflix) follows 4 Oscar Winners to see their daily lives | Green Food Diets | Pro race car driver, Justin Peck, discloses his crippling Bi-Polar condition. | Queer Frontier with Vic

#LAPD #drones #surveillance #spy #lgbt #lesbian #alangrayson #nomore

LAPD launches it's notorious Spy Drones over Los Angeles | Rep. Alan Simpson (D-FL) Reboots Dem Party with Run Announcement | RCL Officiates Lesbian Wedding On-Air

Ep3P - #water #starbucks #guns #lgbt #nra #parkland #notonemore #whatif #digdeep #rcl

2 million Americans actually have no running water in the US | Cary & Mercy ping-pong the nuances of the 2nd Amendment | Foods that heal | Turkey bans all LGBT, countrywide, during global Pride season.

Star Trek Star 1:1 | 420 with Tommy Chong | Roseanne Explains | Voting While Young | Swedes question US Healthcare #startrek #uhura #nichellenichols #MLK

60 Min/ Ep.2 Evergreen) Now, 85, Star trek's Nichelle "Lt. Uhura" Nichols gives an extremely rare public interview, looking back, looking forward | Rosanne Barr 'splains to RCL some history of her bedside politics | Cheech & Chong's Tommy Chong on our 420 Report | Will young People actually vote?

RCL's Cary Harrison talks about his stints on Home Shopping/QVC, Queer Television Network, and pioneer of SiriusXM's OutQ along with Obama's personal directive that he start Reality Check Live. #lgbt #imru #lgbtradio #gay #gayradio #Realitychecklive #rcl #caryharrison #goharrison

#Startrek #roseanne #queerfrontier #realitychecklive #uhura #caryharrison #roseanne

(30 min Public Radio Version) Star Trek legend, Nichelle Nichols, looks back at Lt. Uhura, the women’s movement ,and the explosive Star Trek phenomenon. | Has Roseanne Barr’s politics taken a 180? She tells us about a former deal with the devil and a hook-up that may explain it. | Queer Frontier with Vic - from movement to political reality and beyond?

We welcome our 3 new NBC Stations!

America's first LEGAL marijuana day is celebrated coast-to-coast (Guest: Tommy Chong - "Cheech and Chong"), Father of all Whistleblowers, Daniel Ellsberg advises to young people how to bust the bad guys; HIV pill "cures" transmission in advance.

First Show

Pentagon Papers' famous Daniel Ellsberg on taking personal risks for the civic good. | We look back at our previous night's Reality Check Live launch party at Revolver in West Hollywood. | US Rep. Maxine Waters talks impeachment over the clodhopper on Pennsylvania Ave.


Millennial running for President?

"Soft" Launch: Who We Are

Meet our crew and take a fast ride through what Public Radio has been longing to do bigly during these wobbly times. Special thanks to our Podcast distribution partner Pippa for its killer service!

From Public Radio: REALITY CHECK

Reality Check Live on Public Radio stations connects Women, LGBTQ+, all People of Color, Dreamers, and anyone who simply dreams of building a better world (and remembers having fun). Reality Check Live uses roguish wit, satire, and direct journalism to resist the rainfall of fake news, bigotry, sexism, and xenophobia.Join this network for this voice for Fairness, Equality, Democracy, and Social Justice.

March For Our Lives (Complete) 3.24.18

Sat Mar 24 2018 (01:19:13)

Reality Check Live microphones are at the DC rall…

Reality Check Live microphones are at the DC rally to cover all speakers and this historical call to action from America's new youth leadership. Reality check Live launches on FM stations in NYC, LA, and college stations early April.

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles talks about t…

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles talks about the ‘Vital Work’ done over last 40 years, in response to ‘intolerant rhetoric” by FOX News. Personable Executive Director, Jonathan Weedman speaks of his passion for the chorus and his "dream job" with the extraordinary, world-renown chorus.

24-Year CIA Analyst whistleblows for Resist Radio…

24-Year CIA Analyst whistleblows for Resist Radio. Melvin Goodman was an analyst at the CIA for 24 years and boldly reveals the "men behind the curtain". His must-read books include Whistleblower at the CIA: An Insider’s Account of the Politics of Intelligence and National Insecurity: The Cost of American Militarism.

"Out" Olympic Gold Medalist talks sexual equality…

"Out" Olympic Gold Medalist talks sexual equality. Excommunicated Columbia Univ. chaplain explains ancient gay marriage during the birth of the Roman Empire.

Harvey Wasserman ise co-author of THE STRIP & FLI…


Men of Color Entrepreneurs

Tue Mar 06 2018 (33:15)

Resist Radio profiles Gamal Palmer whose "Global …

Resist Radio profiles Gamal Palmer whose "Global Eye" non-profit empowers Men of Color, providing access, training, and empowerment.

How To Pull Gun Money From Politicians

Mon Feb 19 2018 (13:10)

Putting the screws to the NRA gun lobby after the…

Putting the screws to the NRA gun lobby after the Parkland School massacre. Guest: Nadine Smith, co-founder and CEO of Equality Florida, the state's largest organization dedicated to ending discrimination based on orientation and gender identity - heading up #NoNRAmoney

Candidate for California Assembly, Ankur Patel wa…

Candidate for California Assembly, Ankur Patel was born and raised in Northridge, California to immigrant parents who prioritized education and civic awareness. He earned a B.S. in Ecology from UCLA, an M.S. in Transportation from CSUN, and he has taught English to university students in China. As an activist, he fought to shut down Aliso Canyon after the methane gas blowout, and he has been on the front-lines for single-payer Medicare for All in California.

Resist Radio Trailer(3 Mins)

Fri Feb 09 2018 (03:05)

Resist Radio on Public Radio stations gives voice…

Resist Radio on Public Radio stations gives voice to Women, LGBTQ, all People of Color, Dreamers, and anyone who simply dreams of building a better world (and remembers having fun). uses roguish wit, satire, and direct journalism to resist the rainfall of fake news, bigotry, sexism, and xenophobia. Be a builder, too! Join this network for this voice for Fairness, Equality, Democracy, and Social Justice.

Freedom From The Wolf Resist Radio at Sundance - …

Freedom From The Wolf Resist Radio at Sundance - This film is about the world's most radical idea - freedom - and how it is transforming the world. It is about how people all over the globe - from Tunisian rappers to Indian comedians, from America's #BlackLivesMatter activists to Hong Kong's students - are joining the struggle for freedom.

RainBros Teaser (3.5 min)

Tue Sep 22 2015 (03:37)

Sit back and sop up the free radical genius of th…

Sit back and sop up the free radical genius of these two talk radio veterans and masters. We apologize in advance.