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Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood; Parts VIII-XV

Freedom ain't free as Kelly and Molly get into one last fight about the plot of Alias Grace in their discussion of the back half of Maggie Atts' terrifying novel. They also reveal which of their friends they would most like to be possessed by, chat about water signs who write dystopian fiction, discover the futility of trying to pin down Grace Prime, explain the origin of wedding veils, trash faux progressive baes, look for the rest of Mr. Kinnear's "turkish harem," and turn down for work. Thank ...

Alias Grace Book Discussion 1

Wed Dec 13 2017 (52:05)

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood; Parts I-VII

Kelly & Molly reunite to spit peaches and bring you The Grace Marks Tragedy Tour. They discuss Margaret Atwood's original novel and trash the faux progressiveness of Jeremiah and Dr. Jordan, plan a Redhead field trip to see Britney Spears in Vegas, chat about everything on tv that is NOT The Deuce, invest in sewing machines for the insane,praise Dr. Jordan's awesome mom, call out the characters (and themselves) for being ghoulish hypocrites, and welcome back peppercress. The holidays are a great ...

Part 6

Kelly & Molly are no closer to understanding Grace Marks in their recap of Alias Grace Part 6, and that's okay. Or is it?! They sing the praises of Margaret Atwood's Instagram, award a Maple to Sarah Gadon, reveal the lost fifth Hogwarts house, weigh in on DivaCup petticoats, lobby for a gritty Amelia Bedelia reboot, wonder if Grace & Jeremiah are getting the band back together, share opinions on hypnosis, and agree on the worst response to a proposal of marriage. Thanks so much to all of you fo ...

Part 5

Reclaim your thyme with Kelly & Molly as they recap Part 5 of the Netflix adaptation of Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace. They complain about Emo Edgar Alan Poe, uncover the "u up?" of Victorian Canada, throw some side eye at Grace's sexual jealousy, remind everyone that girls love horses, promote Burlesque Tuesdays at Kingston Penitentiary, hate on the We Heart Kids Club, and provide some unrated & uncut Handmaid's Tale analysis. Help us reclaim our 5-star rating by reviewing us on the iTunes stor ...

Alias Grace Netflix Recap 4: Rosé You Stay

Fri Nov 03 2017 (01:15:31)

Part 4

The dead don't like being laughed at, so Kelly & Molly try to be respectful in their recap of the very frightening Alias Grace Part Four. They mock the untruthful CBC episode description, debate which narrators are the least reliable, meet Scary!Grace, promote platonic poisoning, pitch an episode of Undercover Boss at Kinnear's, speculate about McDermott's fantasy league, drop the biological mic, and decide that Margaret Atwood is a Time Lord. As ever, don't forget to drop us a glowing reference ...

Part 3

It's a Woke Bae Wednesday Miracle in Kelly & Molly's recap of Alias Grace, Part 3! The gals uncover the true meaning of the classic hymn "Rock of Ages", plan a podcast field trip to Themiscyra, discuss Artemisia Gentileschi and topics too hot for the Old Testament, lament Grace's critical thinking skills, tell Dr. Jordan to put on his fuckbonnet, identify the Hugh Hefner of rural Canada, encourage male listeners to not have weird fantasies about smelling women, and remind everyone that dead men ...

Alias Grace Netflix Recap 2: Vomit Emmys

Fri Nov 03 2017 (01:12:18)

Part 2

Kelly & Molly confirm that Alias Grace is a full-blown horror story in their recap of Part 2. They diss "pomes" (but not yours, yours are cool), try not to speak ill of the Drake, explain gendered 19th-century anatomy skeletons, get really technical about transhorses, giggle at Mrs. Humphrey's thirst, pit personal liberty versus dat ass, assert that women aren't puzzles or prizes, check out Mary Whitney's Pinterest board, and catch a chill o' the dick. Please do us a solid by rating and reviewin ...

Part 1

Kelly & Molly love a miniseries, so they are really excited to be recapping Part 1 of the CBC/Netflix adaptation of Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace! They welcome new listeners and put the spice back into the podcast, wonder about Grace Marks' LinkedIn page, pitch Cheese & Crackies with Cronenberg, make fun of Dr. Simon Jordan, give a thumbs down to sea travel, and, above all, are #chillnotshrill. Don't forget to recommend us to your friends, rate & review us on iTunes, and find us on Facebook!

Alias Grace Netflix Preview

Mon Oct 30 2017 (08:19)

Yet another chilling vision of things to come.

Kelly & Molly are back to give you a sneak peak of their recaps for the Netflix adaptation of Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace, written by Sarah Polley, directed by Mary Harron, and starring Sarah Gadon. They also tease upcoming holiday season fun, remind everyone about birthday week madness, and encourage everyone to give the gift of Red All Over by recommending the podcast to friends & family. All 6 full recaps of Alias Grace will be posted at 12 AM Eastern Time on Friday, Novemer 3!

Ever After Movie Recap: Wave at the Gate

Wed Sep 13 2017 (01:37:12)

1998 Film

Fast tiny bitches Kelly & Molly break out the titty brooches and swan around with drinking tulle in their recap of the best movie of all time, 1998's Ever After: A Cinderella Story. They praise the heck out of stars Drew Barrymore, Angelica Huston, Melanie Lynskey and Dougray Scott, cheer the return of face acting, recast Cinderella's slipper as an Ugg boot, declare themselves a Barbie family, learn a lot from YM Magazine, pitch a morning radio show, argue about Cinderella's consent to servitude ...

1990 Film Adaptation Available on Amazon

SPOILER ALERT:It's movie versus book versus show in this recap ofThe Handmaid's Tale! We repeat, there are spoilers for the movie, the book and the Hulu show in this recap.END SPOILER ALERT.Unlike screenwriter Harold Pinter, Kelly & Molly have not disappeared into a fog! They're back to talk Volker Schlöndorff's 1990 Handmaid's Tale film adaptation starring Natasha Richardson, Robert Duvall, Faye Dunaway, Aidan Quinn and Elizabeth McGovern. They announce that they're not doing anything for the E ...

Handmaid's Tale Book Recap 6: Aunt Cholula

Wed Aug 09 2017 (01:08:29)

Historical Notes On The Handmaid's Tale

SPOILER ALERT:It's book versus show in this recap ofThe Handmaid's Tale! We repeat, there are spoilers for *both* the book and the Hulu show in this recap.END SPOILER ALERT.Kelly & Molly wrap up their discussion of The Handmaid's Tale novel by digging in to the very meaty epilogue. After meeting (and making fun of) Professor Piexoto, they decide that Princess Diana loved the movie Hook, unpack some new info on Econowives, deliver a #noconfederate message, marvel at the horrors of Gilead cosplay, ...

XIII Night

SPOILER ALERT: It's book versus show in this recap of The Handmaid's Tale! We repeat, there are spoilers for *both* the book and the Hulu show in this recap. END SPOILER ALERT.Kelly & Molly dream of being successful old women as they finish up the book proper in this episode (they'll handle the Historical Notes next week). They beg Bruce Miller to bring back the Doofy Guardian, show us Nick's peen, and cast Drake next season. Keep an ear out for their Atwood version of "Hotline Bling!" They also ...

XII Jezebel's/XIII Night

SPOILER ALERT: It's book versus show in this recap of The Handmaid's Tale! We repeat, there are spoilers for *both* the book and the Hulu show in this recap. END SPOILER ALERT. Kelly & Molly cover a few more chapters of delicious Atwoodian prose and reveal their deep ignorance of video games, chat about Elisabeth Moss, Samira Wiley, and Ann Dowd's nominations for Face Emmys, compare weird girl lock screens, contrast Playboy witih hippies, skim over sex with the Commander, long for a Handmaid's T ...

Chocolate Lava Cake, Cool Prizes

Fri Jul 14 2017 (14:04)

It's Molly's Birthday Week!

It's super special solo Birthday week extravaganza with Molly! Appearing sans Fun Dad & Overbearing Scorpio Kelly, Molly drinks Mom Juice while answering Redhead questions, detailing what's next on everybody’s favorite Handmaid’s Tale podcast now that the Hulu show is on hiatus, and unveiling some amazing Birthday Week social media funsies! Sound effects abound!

A Special Message from Shannon

Wed Jun 14 2017 (00:27)

It's Her Birthday Week!

Everybody's favorite birthday girl has a special message for her fans! Not to spoil the surprise, but we've got an awesome way to support Red All Over and make every week your birthday week. Click the link to check out the party favors at Free Time Tees:

Episode 1.10

Kelly & Molly are pedantic all the way and full of praise for Elisabeth Moss, Yvonne Strahovski, and Samira Wiley in their recap of the Handmaid's Tale season finale. They also make a PSA about going to see live comedy, marvel at Fred's fuckboyetry, speculate on which sci-fi franchise would survive in Gilead, extol the virtues of problematic d and Nick's pillowy lips, prove inept at the mathly arts, find the only nice man in the show, set their watches to Greenwich Shannon Time, decide God shoul ...

Episode 1.9 The Bridge

Sometimes Kelly & Molly feel like a nut, sometimes they recap the penultimate episode of Season 1 of Hulu's Handmaid's Tale adaptation. Shannon returns as they gab about Mopey Nick, womansplain how men should watch this show, reveal which Disney villain Uber would be, cheer the return of Action Offred & Action Moira, fret about Hollywood infant actors, wonder why Margaret Atwood won't tweet back about Econowives, and ruin Poundtown for everyone. Don't forget to rate, review, subscribe, and swadd ...

1.8 Jezebel's

Kelly & Molly fight a lot in this recap of Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, but it's okay! They are still friends who love pesto, hand jobs, and dealing drugs. They also wonder who's driving Serena Joy, warn the Redheads to never follow a white man to a second location, reveal more problematic faves, imagine Paul Walker & Jonathan Larson in heaven, reveal the results of the Commander's career aptitude test, and chat more about representation for fat women, disabled women, and people of color. Remembe ...

Episode 1.7 The Other Side

Kelly & Molly are back with yet another episode of their humor joke podcast, recapping Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale. They are extremely appreciative of their mostly female Redheads, but take a moment to ask "what about the fertile men?" in this 28 Days Later-esque showcase for the official boyfriend of the podcast, OT Fagbenle (sorry, Max Minghella). They also dish about teen survival novels, back-alley Lasik, dream casting for Offred's mom, and agree that everyone should #freekesha and hate Kombu ...

Episode 1.6 A Woman's Place

Kelly & Molly are thrilled to announce that OT Fagbenle is the official boyfriend of Red All Over--no, for realsies! Kind of. They manage to pronounce many last names correctly, reveal their problematic favorite Handmaid's Tale characters, lose their gd minds over Hulu's handling of Serena Joy's backstory, discuss getting their eariods, encourage everyone to look at a good butt today, demand the return of Officer Goober, and award Elisabeth Moss a Nobel Face Prize. Please subscribe, rate, review ...

Episode 1.5 Faithful

Kelly & Molly's loins are in a tizzy during this week's recap of Hulu's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. After a few back in time comments about previous episodes, they wonder why Hulu couldn't partner with a real magazine for this episode, welcome Shannon back again, write a few poems, discuss several instances where men are very useful indeed, defy the haters, discover music even more pretentious than jazz, and play a classic game of "which rapist would I prefer?" If your C ...

Book Spoilers Abound

SPOILER ALERT: Kelly & Molly share their reaction to the news that Hulu is producing a second season of The Handmaid's Tale. HERE BE BOOK SPOILERS. They make a pros and cons list (once Molly figures out which is the bad one), ask why everyone wants to be Ryan Murphy, continue to mispronounce OT Fagbenle's name, demand butter lotion once again, and get into some Serena Joy/Offred fanfic before tucking into some delicious salmon. Please remember to subscribe, rate, and review us on iTunes--that's ...

Episode 1.4 Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum

Kelly & Molly bond over jingles they sing and their talking to men voices in this recap of The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu. They counsel self-care while watching the Margaret Atwood adaptation, embrace Action Offred, make fun of Christian marketing, escalate Boxwatch & Butterwatch 2017, come up with lots of ridiculous Handmaid names, wonder why there's no smartphones or fertility drugs in Gilead, and celebrate the return of Shannon. Make like a Handmaid and always have a partner, and get your partne ...

Episode 1.3 Late

Recovering actors/comedians Kelly & Molly are finally caught up with the first three episodes of Hulu's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale! It's a brutal episode, and tough to be glib about, but luckily everyone has a chance to meet Shannon this episode--you'll see what that means later. Otherwise, much is made of mismatched militia colors, owls, incongruous commercials during the show, Elisabeth Moss' truly heinous beige sweater, SNL's return after Congress was slaugh ...

Episode 1.2 Birth Day

Although Hulu punked Kelly & Molly by dropping the first 3 eps of The Handmaid's Tale at once, Kelly & Molly aren't even mad. Well, Molly is mad about this episode's hotly contested Simple Minds/Breakfast Club music cue, but Kelly thinks it's brilliant. They are also mad about sapiosexuals, and they wonder if Goop survived the Gilead coup, explain the Red All Over drinking game, parse out why Gilead hates Catholics, debate the color of the Wives' dresses, try to get to 5k followers on Twitter, g ...

Episode 1.1 Offred

Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale has finally dropped, and Kelly & Molly are HERE. FOR. IT. They gush over the first episode, which is quite possibly the most beautiful hour of television ever, and agree that pop culture has enough ethnic cleaning stories, get squicked out by Joseph Fiennes committing a disgusting act, reminisce over IM away messages of yore, marvel at the way Aunt Lydia goes full Trunchbull, and decide that Handmaiding for John Legend & Chrissy Teigen would be a sweet gig. Heaven is b ...

IX Night/X Soul Scrolls/XI Night/XII Jezebel's

In the third chunk of mega-chapters of The Handmaid's Tale, Kelly & Molly live to put another suitcase in another hall, shame anyone who doesn't like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, recast Steve Buscemi as the Commander, defy any other Handmaid's Tale podcast to cover as much ground as this one, advise people to avoid catching feelings in a dystopia, call out internalized femme-phobia, clock more sardonic wit from Margaret Atwood, compliment each other on being cute, assure everyone that networking do ...

V Nap/VI Household/VII Night/VIII Birth Day

In the second chunk of four mega-chapters of The Handmaid's Tale, Kelly & Molly realize that everybody dies, take a pork ball break, discuss what goes when the cervix is soft, name their vaginas (aka "second faces"), confirm that Margaret Atwood is a gangsta of prose, hate on sci-fi that includes the devil, express concern about Joseph Fiennes' casting in the Hulu series, head off La Leche League at the pass, establish who they'd bang in Harry Potter, and wonder if men think at all.

I Night/II Shopping/III Night/IV Waiting Room

Kelly & Molly cover the first four mega-chapters of The Handmaid's Tale, and along the way they promote their other podcasts, discuss the Bible, America Pacifica, The Red Tent, and many other books, identify the previous owner of Kelly's copy of the book, shoutout the lesbian stuff in Black Swan, speculate about how the Hulu adaptation might handle things, and agree that Margaret Atwood is *very* sardonic.

Handmaid's Tale Teaser

Sat Apr 08 2017 (21:57)

A chilling vision of things to come

Kelly & Molly prime the pump and pass the ammunition for their upcoming recaps of Hulu's adaptation of "The Handmaid's Tale." They talk about their first experiences with Margaret Atwood's novel, a bunch of other books, and wonder if they are currently living in Gilead.