Handmaid's Tale Hulu Recap 17: Putnam in His Place

Wed May 30 2018 (01:13:15)

Kelly and Molly are as disappointed by S2E7 of The Handmaid's Tale as they were by Meghan Markle's wedding dress. There are plenty of bright spots in the episode as they sound off on pansexual Lando Calrissian, Molly's Stromboli Bruce Miller impression, bringing back sexy Joseph Fiennes, the dystopian level of cozy in Gilead, infinite chances for naughty Handmaids, celebrity murderers, and Samira Wiley's Moira unlocking her MySpace account. Keep an ear out to see if you're among our many Redhead shoutouts as you continue recommending Red All Over to your buds, subscribing/rating/reviewing us on Apple Podcasts, and chatting with us on Facebook.