Handmaid's Tale Hulu Recap 18: Make Gilead Strict Again

Wed Jun 06 2018 (01:14:49)

It's difficult like 3 PM on a Monday afternoon as Kelly & Molly recap one of the season's weaker episodes. They cast Nick as a member of the Jets from West Side Story, declare St. Paul to be trash, critique Serena and June's coworking space, diss gluten-free Commanders, disagree about the symbolism of the red pen, debate the plural of "clitoris," marvel at the West Elm hospitals of the future, speculate about Rita's profesion, pitch a CE Seed series for Eden, and decide that a little Janine goes a long way. You Redheads continue to be the best fans in the game, so we know you'll never stop recommending Red All Over to your buds, subscribing/rating/reviewing us on Apple Podcasts, and contacting us on Facebook.