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Latest Episode2019-3-22

How To Make Lemonade From Lemons a Hijackal Left Behind

Escaping the Hijackal Trap! That's the name of one of my books, AND the focus of today's interview with Stephani Roberts.

First, you have to recognize you're in a #Hijackal trap, right? Then, you have to move on to find your best next steps.

Today, Stephani Roberts shares her journey from first recognition that she was in an emotionally abusive relationship--and the red flags she originally overlooked--to the realization that for the emotional safety of herself and her girls, she needed to remove herself from the toxic relationship. Brave move! And, not without it's perils!

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Where are you in this process? You might have tucked away your recognition of red flags to press on to get what you thought was possible in a relationship. Now's the time to wake up and smell the herbal tea on that one, and this conversation is a great place to start.

Extricating yourself from a #Hijackal is best done one step at a time, unless there is physical abuse, or sexual abuse going on. In those cases, call the police, and immediately get that on the record. But, if you can safely take your time, take your next best steps, and prepare to leave, that's the better approach. It gives you time to empower yourself, try new strategies, and make better decisions about the life you want to create once you've left.

Today's guest shares her journey beyond a #Hijackal ex, and how she definitely made lemonade that continues to sweeten her life.

GUEST: STEPHANI ROBERTS, The Authority Amplifier for Content Creators

Steph Roberts is an avid lifelong learner and spiritual seeker. She's a podcast host shining the spotlight on women freeing themselves from emotional abuse and finding a way to heal and thrive on their terms. She's a Digital Content Strategist who works with experts, coaches, and spiritual healers to Amplify their Authority online via podcast guesting and strategic repurposing of content.

"Jump off the content hamster wheel and make your content work for you by standing out from the noise," she says.

Stephani fell in love with a #Hijackal, a relentlessly difficult, toxic person. She talks about her journey to recognition of the toxicity of the relationship, and what she went through to remove herself and her girls in the most systematic way possible. Lots to learn there! She then went on to purposefully create a healthy, happy, joyful life for them. She shares what that took with you today.


  • The great healing benefits of listening to podcasts
  • Tips for recovering from a toxic relationship
  • Dating red flags you might miss
  • How a toxic relationship affects your friendships ...and, it's not good!
  • Importance of careful planning to leave a toxic relationship , leaving a #Hijackal



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