Change Your Life with Powerful Self-Talk & Heart-Centered Focus GUEST: Candy Barone

Wed Jun 13 2018 (45:31)

EMOTIONAL SAVVY: The Relationship Help Show

with Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor

Change Your Life with Powerful Self-Talk & Heart-Centered Focus - Episode 43

GUEST: Candy Barone of You Empowered Strong: YES! Catalyst and change agent


In today's episode, Dr. Shaler shares compelling ideas about how you can be keeping yourself from having the life and relationships you most want.

What's getting in your way? What's stopping you? Do you know? Stop and think about it...seriously.

How are you with reasons, rationalizations, justifications, and plain ol' excuses? Maybe, it's time to think them through and see how they are serving you. Listen in for insights and inspiration for moving forward more powerfully.

You deserve to take up space and draw breath, so, why not take stock and see if you're making the most of it? There is no right way to be, and you are at your best when you are examining, and re-examining your focus, your goals, and your desired results. Rhoberta will help you think that through today. Listen in and be inspired to move in the direction of the life and love you want.

GUEST: Candy Barone of You Empowered Strong: YES!

Candy Barone is a leadership expert, a trainer, and executive coach. As a catalyst and change agent, she works with executives and emerging leaders to help bring "heart" back to leadership while feeding the soul of their business. With twenty years in corporate, she is a master at building exceptional, high-performing teams, maximizing and leveraging ROI, growing emerging leaders, and catapulting individuals to achieve explosive growth.

No matter where you are in life--home or work--you're going to experience some difficult conversations. You'll meet some conflict, and some unreasonably folks, too. To be effective--and to feel really good about yourself--you start with the conversations you're having with yourself...especially the ones you don't want to examine.

Candy shares insights on knowing if your inner dialogue needs a tune-up. If it's not working for you, or it's not sufficiently empowering, you are settling for less in life.

Great tips on more empowering ways to talk to yourself and why it's important for having the life and career you say you want. Self-talk is the beginning of everything in your life.

What does it mean to be a leader in your own life? What does it take to be a leader...anywhere?

Knowing how to have what Candy calls "courageous, connected conversations" makes a huge difference in your potential for growth. You need to get comfortable having difficult conversations, to learn to have healthy conversations about conflict.

Are you ready? It might be daunting and difficult at first, but the rewards are HUGE!

Listen in and get these tips and insights to empower yourself to have a better, courageous, connected day!

Here's some interview highlights:

  • How does your language have to change to be more empowering when you're speaking to yourself
  • What strategies will work when you walk towards difficult conversations, rather than shy away
  • Why it is imperative to give up fear of conflict, and develop confidence
  • What gets in the way of most folks and how they prevent themselves from having what they want

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