How To Live With Few Regrets & Move Towards Success GUEST: Scott Kimbro

Wed Apr 04 2018 (58:28)

The Relationship Help Show with Dr Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor



Dr. Shaler talks about "Are You Mistaking Activity for Progress?"

Guest: Scott Kimbro, Author of SubmUrgency: How To Live & Die Without Regrets

Dr. Shaler offers her own tricks on how to stop wasting time on regrets


Moving towards success is never a straightforward least, not for most people. There are curves, sidelines, and setbacks. Sometimes, we're derailed. Sometimes, though, we derail ourselves. Dr. Shaler starts today's show off by talking about "Are You Mistaking Activity for Progress?" It's a very important question to consider.

So easy to fool yourself. As long as you're busy, you're doing the right thing. Not actually true, right? You can get quite caught up in finding out if there really are 1000 staples in that little box while you're actively putting off finishing a project!

Do you know your high-value activities, and do them first? Your productivity--and your self-esteem--will rise when you stop mistaking activity for progress.

Today's guest, Scott Kimbro, is the author of SubmUrgency: How to Live and Die Without Regret . ​You define success for yourself. No matter what that is, you'll need to be able to trust yourself to make good decisions.

Scott and Dr. Rhoberta Shaler talk about empowering yourself to confidently step up and live fully. Even if things are difficult--or have been--you can feel good about how you respond to life, and the results you create. It's possible to not recognize how urgent something really is. That's a good starting place.

In submUrgency, Scott defines three kinds of urgency in life:

" Obvious Urgency - A situation that demands immediate attention that usually has negative consequences if not addressed.

Limited/Optional Urgency - A situation that one can choose to embrace or ignore; however, if it is embraced and fulfilled with a high degree of urgency, it can have amazing results.

Hidden Urgency or SubmUrgency - A situation that is right in front of us but is not readily seen unless we are taught how to find it."

Scott Kimbro offered this wonderful quote from Pablo Picasso:

"Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone."

Wow! That's a wake-up call, isn't it? Whether that's a call to your mother, kissing your partner, or finishing your book, only you know what you want to do, and how you want to use your time. We discuss this more fully in today's show.

And, more about living without regrets from Dr. Shaler. There are a few things you can think through that will help you make decisions without regrets. She offers one big thing to think about that can help you feel good about your decisions, and reduce the likelihood of regretting your choices in life and relationships.

Learn more about the finer points of seeing and responding to these levels of urgency, and moving forward towards the life and relationships you want during today's show.

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I am Scott Kimbro, a man who loves to teach. I am a Christian, husband, father, author, inspirational speaker and teacher. I, my wife, and our two daughters live in Spring Hill, Tennessee. My professional background includes accounting, banking, various managerial positions and entrepreneur of both traditional and network marketing companies.

In traditional business, I was the Chief Operating Officer of Kimbro Oil Company in Nashville, Tennessee. In the network marketing space my wife and I became Diamond Executives with a wellness company.

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